iPhone: Infinity God v1.0 [UDK][chinesse only]

04-20-2012, 02:53 AM
Infinity God v1.0 [UDK][chinesse only]



App Store most anticipated 3D action / role-playing games, the Chinese people themselves, a world-class work - "God of War Wrath!

Unreal the ARPG carefully crafted 3D engine, to combat the full sense of blood hardcore fighting Earned cream aesthetic of violence, and enjoy the Sincere to the meat of the fight against pleasure!

Through the "Book of Mountains and Seas", playing "God of War Wrath" interpretation of the pure Oriental ancient myth.

178 Apple community: This is a can change your view of the domestic game works!

Video bus: Sincere to the meat of the fight against flu, we will wait and see!

Any playing hall: So far, the domestic IOS game true sense of the "masterpiece"!

Nu Wa made man was Fu Xi, Shen Nong's generous help, co-guardian of the human, the Emperor of Heaven Zhuanxu gods but desires control, with intent to destroy mankind, exclusive of the opened up the world of Pangu. He convened the Water God work to come to earth to commence killing Vulcan Vulcan. Arrest a large number of human sent to the ill-Hill building Protoss palace, the sight of human extinction. Dragon Fuxi to come forward and decided to desperate fight to save the people from untold miseries, a war between the Fuxi and the gods kicked off ...

Unreal 3D engine to create the perfect presentation of ancient myths.

True and brilliant picture of the game, majestic and grand and the soundtrack, the legendary demons and gods in this assembly, for you to fight!

The story mode scenarios, challenge mode barrier, three kinds of difficulty for you to choose from.

Intuitive virtual joystick and function keys, make sure you can make gorgeous manipulation.

Defeat the enemy soul points, you can get more powerful destructive more ornate skills.

Straightforward fight, features combos and bloody the explosion corpse effect, can be the enemy bombers into the slag.

Each enemy has its own unique AI and gameplay.

Innovative and clever features organ, to experience the fun of action games in the rolling maneuvers.

Characteristics of counter-attack, one hit kill, and to bring more exciting fighting experience.

Challenging 7 BOSS, the more than 50 levels, to ensure you get plenty of games to enjoy.

Optimize performance, the iPhone 3GS can also be run, and optimization of The the new the iPad HD display, and bring you extraordinary visual enjoyment.

Please visit the official website: http://god.wiyun.com

Attention to the official microblogging: http://weibo.com/thegodsofficial-
You can learn more game dynamic, up-to-date information on the activities, to provide the best gaming experience and give us feedback!

Wrath of God of War support site: http://god.wiyun.com

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Dunno, youtube said "launch trailer".

Hi, you seemed to be lost on the Internets.
This is TouchArcade, where 2$ for a game is too much, 5$ is an outrage, and 10$ or more is putting sugar in their car tanks whilst killing puppies.
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Originally Posted by Vovin View Post
Dunno, youtube said "launch trailer".
It does say Launch Trailer since the Developer did titled it that Way when I actually had asked them what that Trailer is.

Chillingo did got the license for the US/EU after the Trailer were created so whatever you wanna call it Vovin is right that the Trailer is the Official Launch Trailer from the Developer since it were added by the Developer Months ago before the Deal with Chillingo were even mentioned the first Time by one of them to the Public.
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Please release this tonight in nz. Please. It looks sick. Especially that boss fight at the end of the trailer. Sickkkk

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Any release date????

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