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04-22-2012, 11:51 PM
Originally Posted by Peewhy View Post
This is definately a good idea I agree
I agree.

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04-23-2012, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by stfj View Post
dogkendra: it mixes in the tiles over time. People do manage to deal with the 6s. The trick is being more careful about the words you're playing. Using a 5 letter word in-between the sixes can clear some out, or making a 3 letter word to drop down the tiles you need to make a 6+
Thanks this advice was very helpful. I was able to get "neighborly" for over 700 points in EX mode on the way to a 14000 score using this technique, planning it out by a few three-letter words. Can't get scores like that consistently though.

04-24-2012, 03:07 PM
im glad you guys are enjoying the multiplayer
I hope to add online multiplayer in a future update.

dogkendra: can you point me to any words that you've found missing? I tried to make the dictionary as complete as possible, without including any proper nouns. I'd be happy to add any words you have found lacking though!

I'm hoping to get the game into as many players hands as possible. I have a different developer working on the android port, so it's no skin off my back
04-24-2012, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by stfj View Post
im glad you guys are enjoying the multiplayer

dogkendra: can you point me to any words that you've found missing?
I had several that I forget now, and in particular several re- words I thought should have been included. But it might have been my mistake. Here are some though:

modder - a person who modifies a computer device

consed - past tense of to create a cons for, used in functional/Lisp programming

ollied - skateboarding term

dopest - slang term, may not be appropriate

carnate - not in Scrabble dictionary but it is in some dictionaries...

inlines - from "to inline", to make a function an inline function

brane - used all the time in physics


By the way, some more comments:

-There is I think a micro-issue that the game always prompts to "resume" even if one only just left and returned for 15 seconds (as I do to write these words down in Notes). I think, although I am not sure, that some of the apps will just start up again without prompting if one leaves and reenters the app very quickly. It would make sense in, say, the non-Rush modes. This issue, having to click "Resume" on returning, if it is one at all, is about as low a priority as can be imagined though.

-Do the letters themselves get harder over time in Ex mode, or just the numbers? I want to understand precisely why, when and how some boards get hard. I think the exact scoring and exact difficulty algorithm maybe should be published at some point (?)

-In Game Center, which I do not particularly use or understand well, it would be nice to see the actual words that others used to score well, I think.

-I'd like to replay and see whole games and partial games I played [maybe in conjunction with internet]. E.g. it would be nice to send people a link to a video of how I set up and made the word "neighborly". Same with Game Center, perhaps, see how others play? This could be, say, like a puzzle - "here is a board, find a 10-letter word within three turns" perhaps? Snapshots, sharable, in other words

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04-25-2012, 02:52 PM
Great game, but I'd have appreciated this being in its dictionary:

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Edit, doesn't have recurse either.

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05-04-2012, 08:06 PM
Some more missing words

virals: is used to pluralize noun viral, claimed to be a word at "oxforddictionaries.com" http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/viral , as e.g. an online ad.

innie: navel configuration

goader: I found some online support for this being a word but did not look into it much, as one who goads

peerer: in some dictionaries online

staker: in dictionaries (e.g. merriam-webster.com) and and used all the time, for example in poker and many other arenas, as one who stakes. I actually lost a game due to this not being called a word and was annoyed.

Not sure of a good single source for all these kinds of words though.
07-07-2012, 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by stfj View Post
dogkendra: can you point me to any words that you've found missing? I tried to make the dictionary as complete as possible, without including any proper nouns. I'd be happy to add any words you have found
I'm still waiting for an update with a more complete English dictionary.

Also, there *are* proper nouns in the game. I've found several deity names (though never the notorious ones, just the most obscure, lol) and other stuff. For instance "lin" (a word I'd tried just to see if it works) was listed in the ingame dictionary as Whatshername Lin, a famous architect, or something to that effect. On the other hand, I've tried "sagittarius" and it didn't work.

I would, however, like to thank you for working on an Android version. I have a lot of friends who have Android phones and who've been dying to get this game. *cough* And I don't think they're a lesser breed just cause of their choice in mobile devices. *cough*
09-23-2012, 12:49 PM
Still no Dutch

See tittle
09-24-2012, 08:23 AM
Issues since the last update...

Anyone else having problems with Game Center since it got updated? The Game Center flag icon top right now does nothing for me.

The game also seems a bit unstable, at least as far as starting up. I'd say about 1 in 4 attempts to start it, it will just freeze on the loading screen for a bit longer, maybe 20 seconds, and then drop out back to iOS. Run it again and it will load fine. I'm wondering if they are related.

No problems once it has loaded, well aside from the Game Center issue.
11-25-2012, 07:51 AM
Spelltower Issue

Hi all. I recently downloaded Spelltower for the iPad. I love the game but the issue I am having is I can't seem to unlock Extreme mode although it says it's unlocked after getting 2000 points in Puzzle mode. For some reason, when I complete a game in puzzle mode, the same 1267 points show even though I may have gotten 800 points in the last game I played.
Do I have to get that 2000 points in one sitting? Does anyone know how to fix this?