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04-22-2012, 07:02 AM
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Hi Dovey,

Thanks for registering and for your first post! All your comments definitely make sense, and I'm sure Simon will take the into account. Actually the lack of activity here from him I assume must be related to his recent Twitter post here:

NewStarGames Twitter feed

I can't blame him, though, for delaying the update a bit at the moment

That being said, I know he has been working in the Call-ups for the World Cup, Continental International Competitions and Continental Club Competitions. That would mean, for an European like me, European Championship, World Cup, Uefa CL, Europa League - and the respective competitions in other continents.

Last I heard from him, those were being tested, and would hopefully be coming out soon-ish. I imagine, though, that bringing so many competitions to the game at once will require a bit of testing - especially the World Cups and Continental International Competitions, since they only happen every 4 seasons :P I am confident.

I agree with the keeper difficulty, and that is something that I have reported in the past as well. I also suggested in the past something about the price of the boots scaling with the Star Level, since 70$ gives you 40 extra skill points on 3 skills, and it's quite easy to get to those boots and then just keep relying on them.

If you want to read more about it, he recently gave some interviews here:

The Indie Jar NSS Interview

PocketTactics NSS Interview

I'll agree: some of the best money spent on mobile so far from my end - and it's 2,49€ on Android, which is where I'm playing it. I went on and purchased NSS5 on my desktop as well, but mobile is my main time sink.
04-22-2012, 10:08 AM
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Thanks for your information PJFT, nice to know things are moving forward with the game and cant wait for the updates. For now am seeing how things go with playing for MAN UTD but think for a challenge am going to restart the game and see how far i get without using boots as I think they help too much, like the idea of raising the prices with ur star level like what happens with drinks. Few more thoughts about the game.... think there is too many 5+ goal thrillers, should have player of the year for club country and continent, how you perform in a game has too much influence on the result creating strange league positions, 3 difficulty levels maybe increase the ball speed that you have to touch with each difficulty level

04-22-2012, 10:36 AM
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Dovey, that's excellent feedback.

Since I'm not sure if Simon comes here often, I encourage you drop him a line at support@newstargames.com - I'm sure he'll love to hear from you and hear your thoughts on this.

I'm also considering restarting my career (I'm now like age 37 :P) when the new update hits, and start from scratch. I'll also refrain from using the boots - or probably force myself to buy them gradually according to my star rating. Let's see
04-22-2012, 11:22 AM
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Reading a lots of reviews on iPhone app store that when you start a new career the game crashes!!!!! Could be just iPhone thou
04-26-2012, 04:00 AM
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Has anyone won the premiership yet or any other big league title, I've maxed out on everything apart from private island, I keep my girlfriend and sponsors full for every game in fact everything stays full, I pass nearly every pass apart from attempt on goal, I intercept most times and score 35+ goals a season and play for the team that wins the league every year when I don't play for them. Just can't win the league, my team just can't score on there own now or hit a barn door when I pass to them, not like in lower leagues where team helped out. Am gonna try using 3 hearts all game and drink at half time
04-26-2012, 06:49 AM
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Hi Dovey,

I did win the Premiership a couple of times - actually I make it a point of not leaving the country before I win the big title.

My main strategy is to max out the lifestyle, so I get maximum stamina recovery between matches, and team mates relationship as well. Then I just play at medium rate until 50 mins, and then change to max.

I personally don't find my team mates to be all that bad - In my whole career (age 38 now), I have 804 matches, 817 goals and 429 assists, so it's like a 2:1 ratio in terms of goals to assists, and almost a 1:1 ratio in terms of goals per match, I guess. Not overly bad - I don't feel I have to do all the work, maybe only in the hardest games.

Your team's quality will affect your teammates' quality, and the speed they run at. I find it that for them to score it's much more an affair of you placing the ball in a position where it's a good place for your team mate to shoot from, instead of just placing the ball straight to his feet. I find that sometimes I end up lobbing the ball a bit to their front, so they run to a specific place, more in front of the goal, or away from the defenders in order to shoot better, and that affects their goal probability. It might be just my imagination, but try it and see if it works for you!

Also, I feel longer passes increase the chances of a dangerous play coming out of it - so there's a reward to pass to the farthest player, instead of the ones closer to you.

I've won the league in Portugal, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Japan and lately in Argentina so far, so I'm sure you'll manage it as well.


04-26-2012, 03:55 PM
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Thanks pjft, I have actually finally just won the league at the 6th attempt.... Phew. It seems the game doesn't let you win the league if your lifestyle stats are not full ie girlfriend team boss etc and even though I was full on all them I let them slip a bit and also only played with 2 hearts during game so this season I kept everything full and played with 3 hearts (having to drink at half time) and along with playing well (58 goals in 47 games) I won the league. I like your idea of passing the ball better, I just make sure it gets to there feet but will try passing into better positions now. I will also try and use 2 hearts then 3 hearts as its hard to keep buying drinks every game and still have money for extra drinks to keep every stat on full. Thanks for your information
05-03-2012, 03:18 AM
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Two screenshots from the developer's Twitter feed, of an International Competition:


and one more from the NSS forums:

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05-03-2012, 02:00 PM
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Guys, the update is out on the App Store!

-Added international tournaments - Play for your country!
-Added club continental tournaments (Champions League, Europa, Libertadores)
-Added club goals, career goals and transfer value leaderboards
-Fixed runaway keeper in penalty shootouts
-Fixed clicking hit button after Black Jack bust
-Added new icon to slot machine reels
-Added scroll bars to display list range
-Team mates aims shots away from keeper
-Fixed blank screen after some cup match results
-Career Form on stats screen records average ratings for past 5 seasons
-Fixed Scottish Prem announcing league winners before it splits
-Fixed season review declaring Promoted/Relegated incorrectly for Scottish Prem
-Fixed points not carrying over after Scottish Prem league split
This looks like a huge update! Can't wait to get home and download it
05-06-2012, 07:39 AM
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Finally! I managed to get into Liverpool after chelsea, Man U and Man C negotiations went terribly

When the update says i can view how much i cost for a transfer, in stars, where do i view this?

I just managed to get my relationship with england manager to full but i have to wait until Year 9 of the game before i can play internationally


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