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04-26-2012, 10:04 PM
Originally Posted by saosijs View Post
Ahh! I got some more points and you are 11k and some points ahead now. You have the big advantage to know where you can still win 250k . But know I'm no quitter ;-)
I have something like 291,000+ to match my iphone scores - almost 474,000 to equal all the top scores!

Just keep plugging away. It's how I finally achieved what I did, though I admit it is always more motivating to be catching up to someone ahead of me. Eventually I'm bound to find the points harder to get so it will happen for you too.

I well remember when you didn't think you'd get anywhere near as high as you are now!

Now, if I could ever get some of the really hard levels where I'm - some over 21,000! - that may make it tough on you, but I haven't managed that yet. One problem with playing on both the iphone and ipad is it just takes so much time! And I'm doing that with two different games.

Oops, forgot to enter my new scores in my spreadsheet - so I'm actually 238k+ from my iphone scores and almost 421k from the all time records.

Cover Orange High Score Lists http://home.kpn.nl/smit0399/pantsjo.htm

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05-05-2012, 01:07 AM
My ipad score is down to a bit over 108,000 short of my iphone score - but I haven't added anything in awhile. Just darn tough. Hoping to get a streak of better luck.

Cover Orange High Score Lists http://home.kpn.nl/smit0399/pantsjo.htm
05-14-2012, 09:25 PM
Fifth place on the iphone version! Still first on the ipad, but lack about 55,000 points compared to the phone. That achieves what I thought of as my best possible goal - though I'll keep trying to add points.

Cover Orange High Score Lists http://home.kpn.nl/smit0399/pantsjo.htm