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What Do You Love/Hate About Video Game Soundtracks?

04-27-2012, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by jar0d View Post
It's really great if the music itselfs would work as a "stand alone". If you could enjoy the soundtrack alone would be a nice goal. Of course the soundtrack should match the situation.

I agree about stand alone music. If music is just some long notes in the background that work for the mood of the game, thats great, but you won't be adding them to your playlist to listen to later.

Originally Posted by jar0d View Post
For iOS I really appreciate the possibility to use a soundtrack on my own over the Music / iPod app.
I like that too, although it undermines the way I make a living!!
Especially for games with no music, its a great thing. Like RoboKill. I built a little industrial music mix that works great with the sfx. Its a nice option if you can't afford music...hmmm...I should start mailing devs of games like RoboKill and offer them my services

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