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04-29-2012, 02:07 AM
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Double Post. Please Delete.

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04-30-2012, 07:27 AM
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Here's my updated tips! Hopefully they'll help you guys out.


After playing Bloody Western for a while, I came up with a few ideas that people may find helpful. Hopefully these tips will help everyone get an idea on how to play Bloody Western successfully.

Number One: Play the Class

While playing Bloody Western, you are competing against others constantly. In order to find success, stick with the class you'd prefer. If your goal is to make a load of money, I would recommend to pick the luxury class, do quests, and buy businesses. However, if you want to conquer the leaderboards and instill fear into every player's heart, I recommend sticking with the aggressive class and leveling up either your attacking abilities or defensive abilities. By sticking with one method of a playstyle, one can find great success.

Number Two: Stockpile
Another thing I'd recommend would to stock up on weapons, armor, and other equipment. Without this gear, you may find yourself constantly slaughtered by your enemies in duels. But by buying protection, you can ensure yourself that there is little need to worry about other players constantly assaulting you wit duels. The higher your defensive capabilities, the less likely it is that someone will decide to attack you. However, if you believe you can make successful attacks on your opponents faster than they can attack you, I'd reccomend leveling up your attack skills. However you decide to play, it is best to gain large amounts of whatever you are seeking to excel in, whether defensive points, health, or businesses.

Number Three: Get Some Buddies
When playing Bloody Western, sometimes it can begin to get lonely. In order to prevent this, I'd recommend hooking up with your Facebook friends or maybe even others playing the game. Not only will having friends play with you make the game more fun, it will also strengthen you from the threat of being pillaged by duels. If you're lucky, eventually you may be asked to join a clan or guild of people. Clans will allow you to associate with a great deal of people, while being protected from duels, and also being able to hang out with a group of people dedicated to the game. With many friends, you will find great success out in the West!

Number Four: Utilize Your Points
The key to leveling up, or gaining money effectively is to utilize one's energy and duel points. If you are close to leveling up, try and select a quest that gives you a decent amount of money and still will give you the required points to level up. By using this method, one can level up and gain a free refill of energy quickly allowing you to make even more money. The same thing goes for duels. If you are close to leveling up, why not utilize your duel points to get the little amount of experience required to level up. With close inspection, one can amass great sums of money and also level up fairly fast by carefully observing their energy levels and taking advantage of the little experience they have left. By using this strategy, one can gain quite a bit of fortune while still leveling up efficiently.

Number Five: Invest!
As one gains a steady source of income from quests and duels, you can stumble across another way to make money efficiently, investing in businesses. At first, it may not seem worth your time to spend what little money you have in your pocket. As time goes on however, if you constantly invested your money into businesses, you can find a great source of income. By simply collecting your money, you will constantly be increasing your fortune, without having to worry about checking by the hour.
Tip: When trying to save up for a goal, leave your money in the collection screen so you don't have to worry about others stealing your money, and not having to lose thousands of coins from the tax when you put it in the strongbox.
Number Six: Events!
One of the easier ways to make a load of cash is to simply participate in events. With minimal effort, you have a chance of gaining quite a bit of money. By helping your side in the war, you will increase the chances of your team (Sheriffs or Bandits) in winning the war. The more people who join however, the bigger the reward. By always participating in wars, not only are you benefiting yourself by making some extra coin, but you are also helping out your fellow teammates!

Number Seven: Gear!
A key to winning duels is always tough gear. The better the gear, the more protection you have from your enemies, and the easier it is to win duels. Even if you spend all your points into energy, you can still be fairly successful at duels if you have the right equipment for protection. I would recommend saving your money up until you can buy the most expensive equipment available for your level. It may take a while, but the extra strength if very helpful.
Tip: One way I can afford equipment at a decent rate is, I invest in businesses, so that way about every day I gain enough money to buy either more businesses or new gear. With this, you can still easily do quests and make money that way, but you have a very reliable source of income.
Number Eight: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Quests
When playing Bloody Western, you may have different objectives, whether it's to level up as fast as possible, be the top dog on the leaderboards, or maybe just buy that new piece of equipment. Either way, make sure you are doing quests that will help you achieve your goal. If you are trying to level up fast, chose quests that offer more experience than energy. If you want to make money, I'd recommend picking quests that give more money than experience. I'd highly recommend doing the Bottoms Up Quest if you want to level up, and later on, once you unlock the Crisis section, do the Identifying Herbs quest for 50,000 gold per try. By finding quests that fit your needs, you can accomplish your goals extremely fast.

Number Nine: Master Your Quests!
It may seem like it will take forever to master all the quests in your section. Yes, you are right. But by mastering quests, you suddenly have loads of new quests that offer more experience, more money, and more variety! The first section of quests offers a maximum amount of gold of 2500, while the next section of quests gives a maximum of 10,000 gold! Surprisingly, the next section, Crisis, has a quest that gives 50,000 gold, and every quest gives over 10,000 gold. In the end, mastering quests will definitely help you level up and make money much faster!

Number Ten: Check Your Game!

This probably makes the most sense, but, they key to playing Bloody Western successfully is to check your game as often as you can. By doing this, you be able to level up a lot faster, duel your enemies to boost your fame, and manage your character. By coming back daily, you are putting yourself in a position that will enable to you gain experience much faster than if you'd only play once a week. If someone does not play daily however, their character will fall back and be a victim to duels.

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04-30-2012, 09:02 PM
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Tips for leveling-

After starting out be sure to do some math with how much exp you'll get from completing quests. Lots of time you can get distracted by high money rewards or simply trying to master the quest and then run out of action points! The Bottom's up quest is a great way to level and a good strategy is to aim to master a quest but make sure you save enough to level up at the end this is a bit slow but it works and you will be able to master all of the quests this way!

Be sure to plan ahead with your money being able to save up to buy certain pieces of equipment that add a lot to your action points is always a great idea. Be careful with leaving the game to play something else or if you get a text message because you could come back to no money! Be sure to deposit it whenever you can.

Use all your duel point each level to be able to rank up faster and earn more money, but be careful to look at players stats before you duel them so you don't lose!

If you are feeling lucky you can play the lotto some people say it's a good way but I have never won at all so if you're lucky it can be good! Plan out for the gear you want to save up so you don't waste too much money on equipment that is just a little bit cheaper than a nicer piece!
05-02-2012, 06:34 AM
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Tip do some quests then get Indian Necklace from deco its been reduced to only 10,000 so it's a steal plus it adds 100 to your Action Points and Health

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Some little tips:

1, Gain extra Western Point:
Since Bloody Western has been updated for second time, there is an extra Western Point giveaway for a limit time.
Add "mktwp100" in Social Club menu, you'll get free 100 Western Point after restarting the app. (In case that some people don't know about this giveaway.)

2, Facebook account is not necessary to play this game. But you can save all your game progress to sever even you use another iPhone you can still play on with last progress.

3. There is daily lotto which you can try your fortune to participate in that may earn you a lot of gold.

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05-03-2012, 11:03 AM
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While leveling from 1 to 50 you should focus on saving up to get Indian Necklace decoration as one of your first purchases for 10,000 gold. It adds 100 Action points which is great for leveling up.
While in the early levels be sure to use your actions points in attempt to master a quest and if you fall short dueling can easily get you the exp you need to be able to level up. Be careful while dueling not to challenge people that are higher level or stats then you are be sure to look before dueling.
By level 50 you should be on the second tab of quests, there is one quest that is very good for making money called paroling the outskirts of town which will give you 10k gold so you can repeat it a lot to save up some gold. Remember that you still have the bottoms up quest to give you 25 exp each time so it is good to go back and do that one when you have around 400 action points left and need 1000 exp.
While leveling be sure to put all your points from each level into action points so you can keep doing quests and leveling up. Lots of equipment adds to attack and defense so they are not really something you need to worry about while leveling.
Western points can be very useful to replenish your action points if you run out you can get some by completing achievements or purchasing them via IAP.
05-04-2012, 09:44 AM
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Server seems down right now. Game said "Login succeeded" but then will be prompted with a "The network connection was lost. Please try again later." message.

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05-04-2012, 10:18 AM
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Saving up Gold for better Equipment:

Always remember to save up Gold specially if your level is high or playing on a higher Chapter in Quest mode. Better or higher grade equipment is a must specially to defend yourself from other's attack and to always win in a Duel. Quest also requires you to have the specified Equipment's grade before you can take it. You can also take that specific quest if you got a higher grade Equipment than the one specified.

You can gain a lots of Gold when you've unlocked the "Crisis" and "Chaos" chapters in Quest mode.

(Level 100-180)
In Crisis Chapter, a quest named "Identifying Herbs and Poisonous Weeds" rewards 50,000 Gold every time you accept the job. It only needs 80 Action Points and grants you 100 Experience Points.

(Level 180-250)
In Chaos Chapter, a quest named "Welcome Party for the New Member" rewards you with 100,000 Gold every time you accept the job. You only need 150 Action Points and will give you 200 Experience Points.

You can use my easy level-up trick to gain another level and replenish your Action Points. You can also buy Western Points and use 10 Western Points to replenish your Action Points. And you can also buy a full Action Points for $0.99.

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05-04-2012, 10:40 AM
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The game gets crashed when I launch to the game. What happened with it?

My device is Iphone 4, iOS 5.1.

Thanks and regards.
05-05-2012, 12:51 AM
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The game is cool, but due to the busy work at the weekend, I activated the game once then didnot take too much time on it, will spend more time digging the game on Sunday.

And for now, I find there are push notifications reminding me that I was attacked when I was level 1 and not even finished the tutorial session, and my money being used by someone as collateral for gambling.
You know what's the consequence of my money being robbed on level 1 before the tutorial? I cannot finish the 2nd quest from tutorial which is buying the equipment, and I stocked in that tutorial session without going forward or backward.

I mean what's that all about. Maybe you should consider to add some newbie protection immunity system or something like that just in order to let the newbies enjoy some fun.