App description: Zombie Outbreak Simulator is a sandbox app where you can customize your own zombie outbreak!

"a killer timewaster" - Gizmodo
"zombies plus Google Maps equals fun" - Games Radar
"a splendid idea, no matter how omnipresent zombies may be" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

- Apple Staff Favorite in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and 14 other countries!
- Top 5 in Simulation and Strategy on the iPad!
- Over 150,000 downloads!

Watch a zombie outbreak unfold in 20 different real world environments and then bomb them into the ground with Mk81 and Mk82 bombs, delivered by A-10 Tank Killers! Keep track of "Zombies Killed" and unfortunate (?) "Collateral Damage" statistics.

Alter the outbreak parameters to your liking. Do you prefer old-school slow movers, or the new fast movers? Is the population armed? How well can they shoot? Customize your own outbreak then watch the chaos unfold.

Zoom in and out on the action to keep track of the infection as it spreads across the map! Watch from a high satellite view to get an overview of the infection, represented by green dots for civilians, red for zombies and blue for police. Or zoom right in and watch as civilians run for their lives, shoot at zombies and inevitably become infected. Keep track of the people's only hope - local law enforcement, as they fight back against overwhelming odds.

From the Outbreak Settings screen, you can change any of the following parameters:

- Map location (choose from 20 maps across the world)
- Initial zombie numbers
- Zombie outbreak direction (N, E, S, W, Map Wide)
- Infection rate (time taken for infected civs to turn into zombies)
- Zombie speed
- Number of police
- Police accuracy
- Civilian numbers
- Civilian armed %
- Civilian accuracy

Once you have selected your new outbreak settings, simply restart and watch the infection spread once again!

Zombie Outbreak Simulator includes 15 online maps which use Google Maps (R) and so require an active Internet connection to download map images from Google. Also included are 5 offline maps which can be played anywhere!
04-11-2012, 07:52 AM
Originally Posted by Saxon Druce View Post
Yes, the original release of ZOS for iOS just contains one map.

In the future we'll likely release an update which lets you play on any of the over 1500 user-created maps which are available on

So there won't be Google maps support and it doesn't require online mode? Elaborate please?
04-11-2012, 08:06 AM
Originally Posted by Red1 View Post
This looked tempting, because I thought it worked with any Google Maps location. ie: Sending zombies down my own street. That would be cool.

The App Store description says:
"Zombie Outbreak Simulator is a sandbox app where you customize your own zombie outbreak, on Google Maps"

...but it avoids saying "for a selected set of map locations". It's a shame, because otherwise it looks like fun.
Hi Red1, yes for now you customize the simulation parameters (num civs, num zombies, zombie speed, civ accuracy, etc), but not the location.

For the app to work, it needs to know very detailed info such as where buildings, trees, cars etc are. This info isn't provided by Google Maps, so we have to provide that ourselves. That's why we can only support locations where we (or our players) have generated that data. There have been other Google Maps based games where you can play anywhere, but they are more limited (eg, a driving game where you simply drive over the top of buildings).

If you want to see zombies in your street, you could use the editor in our PC version to create a map of your street (provided Google Maps' imagery of your street is in high enough detail):

For now ZOS on iOS is only one map (the original ZOS for PC also only had one map, in Washington). We hope to bring the 1500+ user-generated maps to ZOS on iOS in the future.


04-11-2012, 08:11 AM
Originally Posted by PraetorianX View Post
So there won't be Google maps support and it doesn't require online mode? Elaborate please?
Hi PraetorianX,

The map in ZOS for iOS uses Google Maps, but at a fixed location (in the Netherlands). So it needs Internet access to download the map images from Google.

The 1500 user-generated maps which we have are all other locations on Google Maps. But they are not supported by ZOS on iOS at the moment.

I hope that makes sense?


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04-11-2012, 09:54 AM
Got it. Also, can you replace gun sounds with something more realistic?
04-11-2012, 01:18 PM
Hi Praetorian, thanks for the feedback. Its a little difficult as we are a small dev team, and so we used creative commons licensed sound effects instead of making or buying them. Will certainly look into upgrading stuff like this in the future though.


Jay Weston
Creative Director, Binary Space

04-11-2012, 01:59 PM
The more I play this, the more I like it. National Rifle Association should sponsor you guys forever, cause the only way to survive here - is for everyone to carry a piece. Looking forward to the promised and much needed updates and best of luck guys. Thanks for the great sim!
04-11-2012, 06:28 PM
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Very intrigued with this so I bit (no pun intended). I hope early support will lead to nice map updates and maybe the inclusion of user generated content. Either way, good fun,
05-01-2012, 05:56 AM
Zombie Outbreak Simulator 1.1 Released

Hi guys,
Thought I'd let you know we've just released an update for Zombie Outbreak Simulator which includes 9 new maps. You can select them via a world map screen, which can be reached via a Change Map button under Outbreak Settings.

Also pleased to announce that we've been chosen as a Staff Favorite by Apple! We are honoured!

The iTunes link is


Jay Weston
Creative Director, Binary Space

06-22-2012, 08:46 PM
Zombie Outbreak Simulator 1.2, with bombs!

Hi guys,
ZOS 1.2 is now live, and features bombs delivered by an a-10 tank killer!

Here's a short video previewing the action:

Youtube link | Pop Up

Jay Weston
Creative Director, Binary Space

09-01-2012, 06:40 PM
Requesting offline mode and guys, please rethink your marketing strategy. I've bought it the day it came out and now I have to buy bombs?!?!?! Wait for hours for the resupply?!?!? Come on ppl, figure it out. It should be free at this point.....

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