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04-30-2012, 03:08 AM
Nickname: lopatiyi
Five star review
Title: The best fitness app
It has lots of advantages like beautiful design, calorie counter, rich exercise database, and ability to ask support on any subject. But it has the only minus: because of big amount of exercises size of all media is around 1GB, I think it will be better if users have chance to download pictures and videos separately like in previous versions (and trick for developers, instead of record long videos you can shoot short 3 second clips and repeat them, i think it will reduce the size by half or more).
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04-30-2012, 03:17 AM
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Reviewed as deadpuma on US Store
Awesome Fitness app!
All-in Fitness is the best fitness app I've ever seen in the AppStore! This app helps you to keep your body fit and healthy. All features what you need for fitness in one app. So many fitness exercises and yoga poses providing with detailed photo, video and audio description for each exercise. Also this app contains many other features such as Fitness magazine, calorie counter, body trackers and fitness calculators which are tracking you heart rate, blood sugar, mood. All-in Fitness has advanced statistics and graphics. You can find here a lot of readymade workouts for different goals and share it with friends. One of the great features is designing your own workouts for any goal! If you have some question you can find answer from professional trainers on free Live support - it’s really useful feature. All-In Fitness has everything that one would need to track just about anything fitness related. Very useful and efficient app! Definitely recommend to everyone!

04-30-2012, 07:37 AM
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My Potable Professional Personal Fitness Coach

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Reviewed as xbetayll in US App Store with five stars:

My Potable Professional Personal Fitness Coach
Thanks for the timely update of the workouts and fancy magazines!
Now I can log in with Facebook account! Super cool and sweet!
All-in Fitness is definitely the best and most professional fitness app on iPhone! Impressive and amazing helpful!
With this app I can excercise with equipments at spare time such as at home or in the office, even on the go, very useful for me! Always makes my life easier and saves a lot, it has now been my personal coach instead, which works perfectly 'cause it actually knows me better with the built-in tracker. Huge video, audio, and texts collections of so many exercises as guidance which covers almost everything about fitness! Neatly design and user-friendly interface specially optimized layout for the iPhone, makes this app such easy to use that even my daddy can handle it without obstacles. BTW, he said he feels young again after exercising with help of this app.
Forget to mention, it's such a great pleasure to exercise with the exciting and inspiring songs via the music player, make me motived enthusiastic to keep going. Now my daddy I feel sharp and full of energy all day! Super awesome and cool!

If you're looking for a fitness app for your iPhone , this app is the one!
Never hesitate to buy this app, what you get will be far more than $0.99.
Highly recommended as the best fitness app!
Features I'd like to see in future update:
1,Multi-language support, not just localization of the interface, but also the content (audios, videos with substitles with choice of different languages.) So that we can get more and more people involved;
2,More excercises and contents added;
3,Excercise achievement added, such as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master; so we can show off the achievements, or share the workout and excercises with frends via social media;
4,Maybe password protect is also necessary to keep private (choice to enable and disable added).
5,Twitter login feature added as well.
Thanks for the contest and chance!

In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.
04-30-2012, 10:47 AM
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Reviewed as Mohaimin Zack in US AppStore

Let keeps our life healthier and love ourself.
Would like to see an upgrade improvement to make this app better.
a) User can choose their level, eg. Beginner, Intermediate, Advance or Guru in their profile. And the Yoga that shown would be sync with their level and gender. So they wont need to choose their Yoga from other level.
b) Give a few full magazine article and the user could print out the magazine article.
c) Let the user choose a music from their music to listen while Yogaing.
d) Give a one month trial for the premium content. So the user could be attract to upgrade to premium.
e) User can took and save a picture of them while using the Yoga app. So they can make the comparison physically from the picture. A gallery menu maybe could be use for store the image.

Live healthy and shape your body with this Fitness app. Fitness is very useful and great app! Recommended for those who want to keep their body strong and healthy!

With 700 videos and exercises plus 300 yoga videos. You follow the exercise via audio, picture or video. Keep track your BMI and stay fit & healthy. With this app you wont need a personal trainer and go often to the gym. Use it everywhere, in your house, outdoor or recreational place.

Let keeps our life healthier and love ourself.
Would like to see an upgrade improvement to make this app better.
a) Export the tracking by monthy to Excel/email. So that we can save a softcopy to other storage eg. PC,thumb drive.
b) User can choose their level, eg. Beginner, Intermediate, Advance in their profile. And the workout that shown would be sync with their level and gender. So they wont need to choose their workout again.
c) Give a few full magazine article and the user could print out the magazine article.
d) User can took and save a picture of them before and after using the Fitness app. So they can make the comparison physically from the picture. A gallery menu maybe could be use for store the image.
e) Mini dictionary description about the body part, muscle or any gym/workout term. So that the beginner user could understand more.
f) Let the user choose a music from their music to listen while using the app.
04-30-2012, 12:51 PM
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Reviewed as Rokrdude3 on U.S. appstore

Truly All in One
All-in Fitness app includes the functionality of 4 different apps- Calorie counter, Body tracker, Pedometer and Fitness exercises/ Yoga.

The Calorie Counter keeps track of your daily goals by calculating the calories intake via its gigantic food library and categorizing it into carbohydrates, protein and fats and use this information for giving various suggestions for achieving your goals. Body tracker keeps track of your B.M.I while the pedometer which comes with custom music player tracks distance travelled and calories burnt and represents it in form of various charts and graphs. Finally the best thing I like about this app is availability of various workout modes combined with over hundreds of Fitness exercises and Yoga poses with audio and video instructions in this app.

Some of the features I would like to see as a future update are:-
1) As the app contains so many features, I would love to see some kind of demo tutorial showing how to use the app effectively for new users.
2) Also would love if the user could get the premium contents for free for a limited time so that could try and see the difference.
3) Finally would love some pre made workout plans based on the time user has like 15,30,45 and 60 min so that user can quickly try the workouts.

With the latest update all the crashes and calendar issues from previous version has been fixed .Overall with so many features and such a low price, it is a must have app for every Fitness enthusiasts.

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05-01-2012, 11:39 AM
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Reviewed as MarcFizzy on US store with 5 stars:


The Perfect Fitness App for iPhone

This is certainly one of the best fitness apps on App Store. The app looks extremely polished. And it has an unbelievably huge collection of videos and images. (The description says it has 700+ exercises for men and women & 300 yoga poses with more than 1000 HD video clips, and that's TRUE!) And the navigation of this app is pure genius!

With such a detailed database, surely you will get the correct form. The instructions and videos are accurate. Besides, you can track a lot of useful information (distance, duration, weight, etc) about each of your session.

Moreover, the app has several other professional tracker tools, namely, Calorie Counter, Body Tracker & BMI. They add an analytical and monitoring angle to the fitness part of the program, creating a new way of understanding a fitness routine and its results. The body tracker lets users follow their advance in their physical condition with the help of graphs. It also shows the userís body mass index (BMI), the indicator of body fatness. The calorie counter tool performs two functions: it counts calories both consumed and burnt and sets a day goal which shows how many calories a user must burn to keep fit.

But I do has some suggestions:

1. iCloud, universal profile, and intergration

I appreciate the sign in with Facebook feature. But still, I hope an iCloud sync option will be available soon. I know this can be tricky. But it will not only make this this app a lot better, it will benefit all Viaden health apps. It's kind of frustrating that you have to set up profile everytime when you open a app from the same developer. I expect I can have a universal profile once and for all. For example, when I did workouts (following All-in Fitness), I can know how much calorie I burnt in Calorie Counter.

I think sync needs to be done automatically as well. It's more convenient for users. A universal profile can help better intertergrate all these health app together. Not only users who use more than one of these health app will be grateful for this, I think it will also help Viaden building its brand.

2. Estimated time, voice instruction, Less tapping, and background music

I use this app when I work out in gym. It would be very helpful if I can know the estimated time of today's workout (workout+rest) before I start. You can show this information in the "Training Plan" screen when the user start workout.

I love voice instruction. But on All-in Fitness, when you start workout, you have to tap the media page so you can listen to instruction. Since it's iPhone app and I always plug my in-ear, I hope there will be a button on the timer screen, so I won't have to tap two more times to listen to it. Besides, I really hope the workout can just go on by itself. The app will say Treadmill Jog will begin, and then a voice will tell you it will be followed by a two minutes' rest, and then without any tapping, it will tell you Incline Crunch will begin in five seconds. That will be perfect for me!

I hope the app can provide some energic beat music package so I can listen to them when I'm exercising. If the app provide a thourough voice instruction like All-in Yoga, my Workout Playlist might be too loud for me to listen to the instructions.

3. Better loading

This is a minor problem. Especially if you have downloaded the content and uploaded it to the app, it won't be problem even if the Wi-Fi connection is bad in the gym. But I notice when you are training and switching to the next excercise, the app will start to download content like pictures immediately, and it slows thing down. This loading circle won't be necessary if the app starts to download the picture for the next excercise when you are doing the previous excercise. I hope the app will handle downloading in a more efficient way.

Thank you again for this great app! The UI is even better than the iPad version.
05-01-2012, 10:19 PM
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reviewed as dreadnok
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Shared as Quincy Jones
And still the best
Well since I have the app for Ipad as well it allows me to compare

As I have said before I was a bigger fan of the original simple black metallic background which I think gave it a more rough and tough appeal to me as a guy but I can see how this new look has a more unisex feel.The BMI now works perfectly and the different excerse sections have been fixed and even upgraded with some new exercise, the Yoga section is now up and running(thank you).

The my workout section works great now and the Advanced Search seems to be capable of finding workouts no matter what combination I input . All and any data is saved and my profile info was secured from the old version.I really think that including gender which now allows you to cater the workout differently for men and women was a great idea

Besides that you still get a video audio and text to teach you each exercise plus the pictures then you also still have that great X-ray pictures showing exactly which muscles are worked with the exercises .

I still wish the audio and video was combined this is my biggest issue with the app , as well as the fact that it does not look or feel as polished as the ipad version
Also more videos for Yoga section plus a warm up video and some videos for Cardio would be nice
Another Idea is have a section for people who don't have time for gym or home workouts put some exercises that can be done at the office or on the street like chair dips make it an office workout section and have everyday items that can be used to workout with.
The new Facebook sign in was a welcome surprise

with just a few new touches it can become the every mans workout app and remain without a doubt the best workout app in the entire app store

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05-02-2012, 01:54 AM
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Reviewed as #KBryant24 on May 1, 2012:

The All-in Fitness app is one of the best fitness apps I have seen in the App Store. This app includes a variety of exercises for all muscles in the body. Exercises can be arranged by body parts, muscles, or types of equipment.

I really like the fact that there are pre-made workouts loaded into the app for specific goals, such as weight loss, muscle gain, or maintenance. The pre-set workouts were really neat, because they told you what exercises to do on what day, in a specific order. I really loved the feature of viewing which primary and secondary muscles that each exercise targets. The textual and video descriptions are very comprehensive and effectively explain and demonstrate each individual exercise. It's also cool that the developers listened to reviews, integrating Facebook into this app.

What really stood out for me was the Calorie Counter feature, which sets a specific calorie goal per day and includes an interactive log to track food and calories consumed throughout the day. I also enjoyed the feature of being able to log your workouts, as well as track your food and nutrition intake, daily activities, and body measurements, such as weight, BMI, and body fat.

I'm glad that the developers listened to previous suggestions about adding the ability to download content, however they should make this feature more noticeable. The one thing that really irked my about this app was the lack of ability to download individual exercise descriptions and videos. Right now, the only option is to download every single exercise, taking up lots of time and valuable space (over 1 GB) on my iDevice. It would be much more efficient to have the ability to simply download certain exercises that would be relevant to my workout. When viewing videos, the audio disappears if you rewind the video. Another minor inconvenience that I found was that no matter what types of info I put into the advanced search, nothing would pop up. I didn't really appreciate the fact that magazine articles and workout programs for specific muscle groups (upper body, lower body, abs) could only be unlocked through a premium in-app purchase. I would recommend having a trial period to preview what you get in premium. It would also be neat to include notification reminders to log in foods after certain times of the day and on the day of workouts.

Overall, I find the All-In Fitness App to be one of the better fitness apps. It has a wide variety of exercises, and good workout plans. The only major drawback for this app is its lack of ability to download individual exercises and the additional feature of an in-app premium purchase. The videos, descriptions, and muscle illustrations are a plus. I would recommend this to anybody looking for exercises to use at the gym.
05-02-2012, 02:08 AM
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Reviewed as danielfanu in the US store

All-in fitness is the best fitness app I can find out there. It is so perfect that it fit all my needs. It includes thousands of fitness and yoga exercises and workouts. Each of them come with detailed text, photo and video instructions which could ensure you do each exercise correctly. With several build-in tools it can calculate calorie, track my body. The new UI is well designed, I like it although it is a little complicated for me. The preset workouts are good and enough for me. It would be better if it could be updated from time to time. It now became the only workout app in my iPhone. Highly recommended.

Something needs to be improved:

1. When I try to select food in the database, it is a bit slow in response. I guess the food database is online instead of local. Can you provide an option to download the database and update it from time to time? So that I could still use it when there's no wifi or 3G network.
2. It would be better if I could setup a reminder in the app to remind me to fill new data of my body in the Body tracker. I always forgot to fill it. And of course it would be better if it could sync with the Calendar app like the reminder of Trainning Plan do.
3. Can you provide a way to export or print the log and/or the graphs?
4. I'm a lazy guy. I ate almost the same food every day. Can you provide a way to duplicate the foods of some day in the past from breakfast to snacks so that I don't have to select them all over again.
5. Can you provide an option to select background music when I'm doing the workouts?
05-02-2012, 02:34 AM
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Us store reviewed as oni1031

Best Fitness App for iPhone
More than one million usage can not be wrong. Just bought it, what an inexpensive price which might save me thousands of money to get fit.
Wow, in return you will get over 700 exercise photo guides with detailed text descriptions, audio and video demonstrations. 40 workout programs, calorie counter, body tracker, training schedule and much more.
With All-in Fitness for iPhone, there is no longer need a personal gym trainer. Strongly recommended, especially to all those willing to get body build up and loss some weight.