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C&C Red Alert help?

05-05-2012, 09:38 AM
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C&C Red Alert help?

Didn't want to resurrect the thread in the iPhone Games forum, as it seems to have been dead for a good, long while, and I'm not sure how many folks would even stop to look at it in there. But if anyone's played through this game, I could use a few pointers. I'm no RTS noob -- been playing Warcraft since...well, its inception. But this game, first of all, does a poor job of acquainting you with structures and units, and the balancing, man, it seems like it could use a serious tweak. I'm on the third mission, and after numerous takes, I realized, hey, there's a structure that allows me to summon tanks. Finally, the tide is a little more in my favor, but jeez, the opposition is still overwhelming.