Arcane Shores: Magic, Explore, and Voyage

05-06-2012, 01:54 AM
Arcane Shores: Magic, Explore, and Voyage

Anansi Mobile is proud to release Arcane Shores to the App Store for Apple iTouch, iPhone, and iPad devices. The development team has worked tirelessly to create a game filled with magic and whimsy, while providing quality gameplay and variety.

Unlike other social games currently out on the market, Arcane Shores focuses on its Synthesis gameplay mechanic. This system allows players to combine up to two to four different items in order to discover new and higher-grade items. These items form the basis for creating certain types of buildings, decorations, and building upgrades. The Synthesis mechanic adds a new element of gameplay to the common social games formula.

In addition to Synthesizing, players have free reign over where they wish to place their buildings and decorations. Players will be scored by the game based on how well they are able to design their island. The game will track the player’s progress and compare it to players worldwide with updated rankings. Player’s can also interact with others by trading and gifting items to each other and visiting other islands. Doing so will reward players with valuable resources that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.
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