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05-06-2012, 02:42 AM
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It's great to be enjoying the updated version on my iPhone. Man, I am so oblivious.

Some suggestions:

-It would be nice if the add on weapons (flame thrower, fireball) were upgradeable like most of the other weapons. I would love to see the flame thrower thicken up so that when you have you side planes equipped, it formed a wall of fire between the three.

-Cannon Shot: Firstly, it is exactly the same between all three planes. It would be nice to see some variety with it. Secondly, I always thought the cannon shot was weak in general (even powered all the way up), like it needs an extra layer to it.

-Fireball: It would be cool if the fireball was a little more offensive. For example, I'd LOVE to see them fly in circles and then become heat seakers, darting off like missles at the enemy planes.

I am really looking forward to AirAttack 2. Any idea on a release date?

I also wanted to add that I love a shooter where the environment is such an interactive part of the gameplay. Dropping bombs on bunkers, bridges and trains is absolutely the most redeeming aspect of this game and is definitely not seen enough in other titles. It truly adds layering and depth. And it is such a nice, slow pace that you can see everything coming in. You really feel like you're part of your surroundings.

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