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Derby Manager - (by meng jing)

05-07-2012, 02:53 AM
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Derby Manager - (by meng jing)

In this game, there are 3 horse types of different strong points available for you to compete with world-wide players.

Sometimes you need a horse having the higher ability of sprint to get ahead in races, but sometimes you need a horse which is full of explosiveness to do well when it shoots out of gate.

A combination of pet raising and real-time racing game with vivid scene and fascinating atmosphere are both in this game.In the race you participate, you can bet on your own horse or many horses of anyone else's altogether.

In the race you are didn't join, if it allows betting, you are also able to bet on any single or multiple horses,in order to get overnight fortune.

No matter where the race is located, you can get large sum of reward according to corrsponding odds.

We believe the game can bring the excitement you want!

Come to beat and bet!