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05-05-2012, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by prcoolfire View Post
The game is cool, but due to the busy work at the weekend, I activated the game once then didnot take too much time on it, will spend more time digging the game on Sunday.

And for now, I find there are push notifications reminding me that I was attacked when I was level 1 and not even finished the tutorial session, and my money being used by someone as collateral for gambling.
You know what's the consequence of my money being robbed on level 1 before the tutorial? I cannot finish the 2nd quest from tutorial which is buying the equipment, and I stocked in that tutorial session without going forward or backward.

I mean what's that all about. Maybe you should consider to add some newbie protection immunity system or something like that just in order to let the newbies enjoy some fun.
You can deposit your Gold in the StrongBox which is located in the Refresh menu. Deposit your Gold to keep it safe from your attackers when you are offline.

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05-05-2012, 10:44 AM
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More information about Duel:

You can only see players in Duel mode who are close to your current Level. So if you get to the point where your level is too high, you might not see anyone in Duel mode.

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05-05-2012, 03:44 PM
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First suggestions/tips:

My strategy for the game is while leveling up, try to put 90% of your skill points to your defense and whats left to your attack, so that when you go to duel someone you will win 86% of the time and when they attack you back, they would get tons of damage dealt to them or they will lose.

Try to avoid high ranked levels, so you don't lose and have a bad stat record. My suggestion is to duel people that are lower ranks than you or like two or three ranks below you.

Do as much missions as possible to rank up and save for certain items. Look for items to raise your stamina bar and or your health bar. Because if you have a little bit of health, you would likely lose against anyone, no matter how strong you are.

Great game AppAsia, thanks for the contest and keep up the good work.
05-05-2012, 03:45 PM
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More suggestions/tips:

After playing for a while now, I noticed all the cloths in the game are the cheapest to get. The guns are really expensive in my opinion, so I say get the cloths before anything else. The guns can come to you later. If you want any bit of success in this game, you need to stock up on the cloths and see how it turns out for you.

I bought nothing but cloths and hats and my stats are like, 1326 wins and 143 loses. Without buying any guns. So the best way to go, is to get the cloths before anything else. I hope this works for all you guys as well.

Ohhh, a gambling tip. I think this really works, see if it works for you. If you lose once in gamble room bet low two more times and then the 3rd time bet high and you should take anyone's pot(gold).

Hope these suggestions/tips helped you, I know they helped me .

Good luck to everyone and happy winning.....
05-05-2012, 11:41 PM
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I love this western game, feel so wild.

Well here are my tips, at the beginning of the game, we should do as many duel fight as we can instead of do the quests. The duel fights give us money and pretty much experience. So we could level up very quickly then use some skill points to upgrade the quest points, after that we turns our directions back to the quest, that would be far more easy to master all of those quests.
05-06-2012, 09:35 AM
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Highly highly recommend use your Facebook to play this game. Once you login with your Facebook account, all your play data will be stored on the sever. Even after you erase the game on your device and install it again on other devices, you can still continue your game progress by logging in your Facebook account.

However, if you just register a new account without using Facebook, your data are just temporally stored. If you delete the game by mistake, or you get a new device, you cannot continue your progress. You are also not available to use the nickname you have already registered. It's really not recommendable.

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05-07-2012, 12:01 AM
This western gun mob game is just awesome. I played this game for a couple of days then I would like to share my strategies with you guys.

First of all, try not to miss any of the event, the event always pay me good money.

2) When you pick the target to duel, pick those who have lots of money in there pocket, if you win the fight there are gonna be more award money.

3) Use the Refresh-Deposit function well, do you know there is a commission fee each time you deposit money in the strongbox? The hint is the commission fee is free if you deposit less than 71 money each time. So at the very beginning of the game we just have not to much money, we could save them to the strongbox several times free of charge.
05-07-2012, 12:47 AM
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Mid Game Quest Mode:

In the Mid chapter Quest mode specially in Chaos Chapter, most mission there requires 150-180 Action Points but will only give you 50-80 experience Points. To finish this Chapter, you will have to alternate from using the Early Fast Level-up trick which was the Drinking Time: Bottoms Up mission in the Rookie chapter. Keep on taking the Drinking Time: Bottoms Up! mission until you got enough experience points until the next level before taking a mission in Chaos chapter. Keep on doing this until you master the mission. This way will be a long one. You can also just buy Western Points and just refill or refresh your Action Points for 10 Western Points if you want the fast way.

Just remember to estimate your experience points remaining and the experience points you will earn on the mission you will take in the Chaos Chapter to avoid waiting for a couple of minutes or hour to just fill your Action Points. Btw, you can also gain 5 Experience Points each duel. So better take a Duel if you are low in Action Points to gain another level to refill your Action Points.

Lose in Duel Achievements:

Did you know that you can also complete the Lose In Duel achievements even if you don't lose on purpose when dueling. Attacks made on you also count as a Lose. So if people keep on attacking you and you lose, it will count as a lose and add up to the achievements count. Losing on purpose will drop your Notorious Points and might lose a rank when it dropped to low. So it is better to lose by attackers than by purpose.

Add Friends Achievements:

Add up to 100 friends to complete all Add Friends Achievements. You can manually add friends via their username or just add the ones from the VIP list. This is the easiest Achievements to complete and will give you bonus Western Points.

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05-07-2012, 08:28 AM
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Suggestions for gaining EXP
You may have noticed that depending on your current level there will be less people to Duel or people that have higher Attack and Defense than you in the Duels, solve this problem by going to the Social club and Dueling you friends there who are lower in levels Attack and Defense than you are. You'll gain easy Exp and maybe some extra Gold in the process

Increase your Action points
By the time you get to the levels past 100 you'll notice that old Deco Indian Necklace might not enough help with your Action Points hopefully you've been saving up so you can now purchase new Decos that can give you a boost of 200 or more Action Points like the Steel Wrist Band it costs $57000000 but at this point that should be a drop in the bucket.

Remember the Golden Rule "Money Power Respect"

Get the money first my doing quests that Indian Necklaceat 10000 will help you with an early advantage of 100 Action points the more quests you do the more money you'll make.

Get Power by using Skill points to increase your Action Points as much as possible so you can complete more quests fast Thus helping you get more money.

Get Respect by using all this money to equip yourself with the most powerful gear so you will be unstoppable in a duel and gain a reputation as the baddest gunslinger that ever lived.

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05-07-2012, 08:29 AM
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Some tips and suggestions :

Main tips for the new players:
- First of all you should to decide what types of person you would like to play : Old West Sheriff or Old West Outlaw.Each of them has three different classes based on your preference such as Luxurious/Greed which is good for collecting golds, Righteous/Diligence which is excellent for performing quests and Violence/Devil which is excellent for combat ability.
- The game based on performing quests and duels. So if you want to increase you level and rank you should concentrate on this part of the game. And of course dont forget about equipment it will help you to increase you chance to win in duels and to get a high rank.
- And dont forget as much youll play as higher rank youll get.

There are different ways for collecting gold:
1. You can gain Gold by performing quests;
2. Playing Lotto (everyday youll get 5 attempts) btw its very hard to win you should to be very lucky guy but you can win a lot of gold at once;
3. Buy businesses. Its one of the easiest way to collect gold but this way is a bit slow than others. Note: it helps you to collect gold even if you log out! And some businesses is not available if you have a low level;
4. Play cards. its another way to gain some gold from other players but be careful you can also lose your gold!
5. At least one of the important thing if you log out from the game and you dont want to lose your gold you need to put it on Deposit in Strong Box section. Dont forget to do it because youll lose all your gold.

1. After each new level youll get a skill points for upgrading your skills such as Action, Duel, Health, Attack, Defence. Action and Duel are the most important skills. So try to upgrade this skills more often than others.
2. There is also Western Points which are allows you to recharge your Action points, Duel points or Movement points. You can also exchange 20 Western Points to 5 Skill Points. Or if you dont have enough Western Points you can buy it in IAP.
3. After fulfill achievements you also will get Western Points
4. You can also win some Western Points in Lotto

P.S. Its so hard to stop playing this game because its very addictive game!