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I am really surprised that nobody mentioned "Carcassonne", "Ascension" (this except drelbs) and "Nightfall" yet. These are the best card/board games on iOS. Another very good strategic board/card game is "Hero Mages".
I'm not sure about Carcassonne (isn't that a 'tile' game instead?), but Ascension and Nightfall are among the best card games on the platform, hands down. I'd add Food Fight, Frantic Frakfurt ("Run" mode rules), and Cabals to the list (again, Cabals is more like a card game cum board /territory game). Oh, and don't forget Asscreed: Recollection!

Edit: BattleCON is supposed to be released these days, which is a card game mixed with a fighting game (like Yomi).
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Where do you find out about BattleCON? By the way, you do realize those games are all based on anime/fantasy characters right? I mean there are fantasy/anime-based card games and then the classic Solitaire card games

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You might want to consider Mu and Tichu as well. They are a lot more similar to traditionnal card games, using almost regular decks, pretty strategic and fun. You could also try Gold and Bonanza, though they are getting away from the traditionnal cards.

If you're up for things like Ascension (the best there is! the one I prefer at least) or Nightfall, you might want to try Alien Menace. Much more simpler, with some irritating random parts, but still very fun and with a terrific atmosphere and theme.

And do not forget the famous Hanafuda Koikoi, for which there are several apps of variable qualities in english. Once you understand the rules, it is a really quick and fun game.

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Where do you find out about BattleCON?
Check this out:
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Hmm...ok...though the last time I played a fantasy/anime-based card game, that was Pokemon but it's kinda difficult because you have to actually commit yourself to buying the good cards in order to win battles. The classic card games in just buy the game and it easily kills time because you don't focus on just focus on strategy.
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It seems as though there are thousands of solitaire type card games on the App Store and most of them are just copies of the same old solitaire games that have been around long before anyone ever imagined a computer.

I may be a little biased, since I created it, but a really fun, all new solitaire game is Blackout Solitaire. It's pretty easy to learn, but can offer a challenge. It's only $0.99 (US) and there is even a stripped down free version so you can try before you buy.
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I think the real challenge for developers making Solitaire games is creating a game that is not only free but is also dynamic. Most Solitaire mobile games only offer very few games and you have to pay for them. PiPlay's Solitaire * offers 36 games completely free and their version is completely different from what I've seen in other Solitaire games. I'm just waiting for them to create new themes lol. Imagine a Solitaire game that had a pink theme...that would be epic.
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+1 for Tichu
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Card Shark Collection (Deluxe)

I prefer Card Shark Collection (Deluxe)

It has 60 solitaire and traditional card games and is often updated.

It is universal too.

It should be a standard feature that you can turn on/off in-game music and sound effects separately in all games
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Bang! is easily one of the bests.

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