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Websites you can afford!

05-10-2012, 02:59 AM
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Websites you can afford!


websites you can AFFORD!

we are tired of people who need websites being ripped off by website companies.

MOST website companies wont even move unless you pay 2500-5000 dollars for a basic simple website... and when they do its a generic factory made website with little or no individuality.

well stop right there.. we have what you need. we help the little guy who is a small buisness owner or someone who wants their website to have an expensive professional look without spending all the money.

we will design your website for a small deposit and a monthly fee.

This monthly fee covers EVERYTHING!

Things the monthly fee covers:

Logo design
bug fixing
any future changes you want us to make
24-7 customer service on skype or phone.

Sites we are currently building
Keep in mind, if you do not like a particular design, this is what the client asked for.


http://www.surrealmayhem.com/monstergaming/ - unfinished

http://jobjester.org/ - unfinished

Let us help you get started!

Skype = starcat42