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FIST OF AWESOME - from the developer of Hard Lines

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05-14-2012, 03:39 PM
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FIST OF AWESOME - from the developer of Hard Lines

Hello lovely Touch Arcade forum peeps,

You may remember me as the developer of Hard Lines, the smash hit iOS and Android game from last year. It was a bit good, 86 metacritic score, etc. Anyway, now I have a new game, and I think it's a bit special. It's called....


FIST OF AWESOME (always displayed IN CAPS) is an iOS title which updates the mechanics of scrolling beat em ups such as Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and Final Fight for a modern audience, along with a healthy dose of humour, retro sensibilities and grandiose ambition.

Note: Grandiose ambition does not just mean kicking deer in the nuts.

It stars Jack Lumber as a forest dwelling tree feller who gets caught up in an needlessly complex interstellar plot to take over Earth by altering history with remote controlled animals. The game takes place over a number of time periods, features completely original 2D art and animation throughout, and is to my knowledge, the only game that boasts a full grown grizzly bear that punches you in the face.


I can't fully express in words how excited I am about this game. It's the game I've been wanting to make for 17 years, but I've only now finally acquired all the skills required to bring the vision to life.

I put up a teaser trailer today officially announcing the game:


I'm aiming to finish FIST OF AWESOME around Winter time, but it's a bit ambitious so I'm making no promises. Anyhow, I really hope you like it.


Nicoll Hunt

Twitter: @nicollhunt