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iPad: forma.8, from italian indie developer

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05-23-2012, 08:32 AM
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forma.8, from italian indie developer

Hi everyone!

We are a small (really small) aspiring indie developer studio from Turin, Italy. So small we don't even have a proper name for the studio yet... Anyway, we worked for the last few months on a new iOS project, and we're ready to announce the project and share our first screenshots and the teaser website.

The game is an action adventure, aimed to the avid gamers, with a peculiar and unique control system and a nostalgic graphic style. We strongly believe in iOS devices as true gaming devices, so we tailored everything, the control system, the pacing, the speed of action and so on, around the devices strongest point.

We are targeting iPad 1+/iPhone 3GS+/iPod touch. The game will run at a constant 60 frame per second on all the platforms except the 3GS (30fps).
With full retina support for the new iPad and the iPhone.

It's developed using the Unity 3D engine and some awesome extensions from the Unity Assets Store: Ragespline, Ragetools and Poolmanager.

This is our teaser website:

Teaser image (it's actually an entire level in the game, and running in engine as you see it):


And if you like it:

- follow the project on Twitter: https://twitter.com/forma_8
- and on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/forma8

Every feedback is appreciated, this is our first experience as game developers (...but we played a lot in the past! ).

We'll share more information soon, including a proper video trailer for the game, and we hope to have a proper developer blog soon!

Thank you for your attention and you feedback about the project!
The two developers from a no name (but not for too long!) aspiring indie developer studio in Italy

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