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GTA III Mobile Pack💩[Download!]

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05-28-2012, 08:13 AM
GTA III Mobile Pack💩[Download!]

GTA III Mobile Mod Pack by thirstydude

I included a savegame which starts at the first mission that brings you to the third island, so you instantly have (official) access to all three islands in the game. If you DO NOT want this and want to start a fresh game, copy ONLY gta3.set to the documents folder, nothing else!

I patiently tested and optimized this pack so i only have high quality maps and cars in it aswell as long-tested settings. This pack does not limit any of the missions ingame, so you can just install this full pack and start a new game and play it from the start till the end!

I strongly recommend you to use the medium settings because the highest settings are still pretty playable but have some framerate drops in heavy situations!



- Leaves and Newspapers floating around Liberty City
- Uncut Patch for Blood
- Maximized Draw Distance (reduced annoying popups ingame)
- All graphical Effects enabled (Lights, Shadows, Smoke...)
- Enabled AA to enjoy the best possible quality on the new iPad
- Also added a second gta3.set with normal Drawing Distance for a overall smooth game without affecting any other effects, since this is the iPad3 Setting i didn't turn off AA since high draw distance is way easier to sacrifice than a overall better quality.


- New Reflection System for all Cars
- New Effects like Water Splash and Smoke placed all over the City to breathe a little more life into Liberty City
- Totally new Car-Smoke effects
- other minor changes

Terrain based Changes:

- Stunt Island
- Sky Bridge
- Looping
- Rooftop Stairs with access to Cutscene Interiors
- 2 Bridges connection all 3 Islands together
- Ghost Town Bridge

All new driving physics!

- Now THIS is a real bummer! All cars do now have WAY more realistic characteristics. Ordinary Cars are waaaay slower than the real sports cars, that makes sports cars even funnier to ride. Besides that, heavy engined cars (sports and muscle cars) have a awesome new "slipping" system so, if you are skilled enough, you can drift like never before. for me this is the most awesome change ever made to GTA III!

Car Replacements:

- Lamborghini Murciélago (I changed this model a bit to fix bugs!)
- Ferrari F50
- Hot Rod
- BMW Convertible
- Porsche 911
- Mercedes CLK GTR
- Dodge Challenger RT

NOTE: I tested this pack really intensely with my iPad 3 i had absolutely no crashes, no bugs and no performance problems that cause the game to be unplayable. Please take note this pack is ONLY FOR THE NEW IPAD, i'll do the same pack with optimizations for the iPhone 4 (A4) but this will take it's time. I'll upload it as soon as i'm done

Respect to JBRUU for his helpful settings so i didn't had to start it all from scratch!

Here's the link for the iPad 3 Version! (A5x)


(Don't forget: optionen -> sprache -> englisch!) i forgot to switch it all to english so you can do it easily for yourself. You also need to restore defaults for controls in the main menu!)

A4+A5 Devices Setting (BETA!!!)
for iPod Touch, iPad 2, iPhone 4 / 4S

It contains all graphical enhancements from the iPad version, maps too but no custom cars and no AA. (replace the gta3.set and use all files from the iPad pack except gta3_pvr.img and gta3_pvr.dir BECAUSE i can't get custom cars to work with the A4 version...) You can try it but the standard cars will show up. The FPS are mostly the same as in the vanilla version, but graphics are way better! I'll continue the work on this setting because it's still pretty laggy!


And if you want to thank me, don't forget to hit that link in my signature

I have a band and it'll be great if you could give my songs a listen

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