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Viral Collapse for Mobage [Oktagon Games]

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05-29-2012, 02:55 PM
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Viral Collapse for Mobage [Oktagon Games]

Updated [The Gameplay Video]

Hello everyone this is our first post here, hope you enjoy the content . First I would like to introduce our company - Calibre Games:

We’re a game development studio based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We began developing work-for-Hire games in 2004 for PC, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and now we develop our own games, specifically for mobile platforms.

Continuing with the post

We would like to introduce our game for the Mobage platform:

Viral Collapse is a different kind of match-three and will be free to play. The apparent blocks are formed by about 6 types of creatures. To combine the creatures you need to follow the match form required, something like a password. During each match, and based on the player's skill, some power-ups can jump down to the table, thus bringing more chances to score. There will be a currency in the game called Tokens that can be used to buy power-ups and special items.
Here's a screen of the game:

From top to down:
Score points
Pause Button
Current Form for Collapse
Time Bar
Current Multiplier
Last Collapse Multipliers

The gameplay is fast and dynamic, thus giving room for different strategies. If you are the fast player type, you can combine as much colors as possible to score high, however if you like to calculate your movements, you can make more points using this different strategy, since the game rewards combinations with less movement.

The Power-ups will give a extra boost during each match.

Will be a kind of special Power-ups. They will have a high cost, but will give much more chances to score higher.

We're getting close to the final stage of development and would like the help of the enthusiast people of the forum to ensure the quality of the game. Beta keys will be distributed starting next month. Those wishing to come forward to test, please send a private message and we’ll contact you. Thank you guys. Good gaming to everyone!


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