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03-03-2012, 07:19 AM
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I know that many people have requested it in the past - I have been following this thread for quite a while - and I am happy that you're taking that into consideration.

I don't know how the game performance is working for you, in terms of sales and your previous expectations.

Given that this upgrade will be a substantial endeavor in terms of the time and effort you put into it, I will recommend that you thoroughly consider asking yourselves - and maybe even the community - whether it makes sense to release it as a free upgrade, or either IAP or a different app altogether.

I know, it might seem weird for a user to be suggesting that, but the fact is that if it is a very large undertaking, what would you need to sell of the new version just to recoup all the effort you're putting into it? Especially since the feedback towards those features seems to come from existing customers, mostly. Please take that into consideration.

Of course, there's always a lot of value in pleasing your existing user base, so it's a choice you should make.

Ultimately, I hope you guys succeed with this game, so that you can then keep developing games for a living.

Regards, and have a great weekend.

03-04-2012, 08:36 PM
Hey Paulo, thanks for your post.

I'm going to elaborate a bit on our experience around AvH.

The idea of AvH began when I got my iPhone. I played X-Com when it first came out so naturally, I went searching for an X-Com clone in the AppStore. I didn't find one.

So, I saw that as an opportunity. There are all kinds of fan sites out there for X-Com. It looked like there was a thriving community there (I still believe there is). I figured the people that played X-Com in the 1990s may very well have purchased an Apple device. So we jumped in. My wife and I are both programmers - not game programmers but programmers nonetheless. In fact, she is a very good C programmer. So the discussions we had were about picking up Objective C and developing something like X-Com.

Although I adore X-Com, I didn't love all aspects of it. I always felt the interceptor part where you detect a UFO and then go shoot it down was weak. I also felt that the game progression was quite slow early on in the game (unless of course you hex edited LIGLOB.DAT to give yourself a bunch of money) *wink. So for AvH, I wanted to simplify the process and we distilled the game down to a series of missions, with a new storyline and we "streamlined" advancement in the game.

Clearly, this upset some of the X-Com diehards (1-star ratings) and for that we're sorry. Since our first release of AvH 1.0 in November, we have patched every 3 to 5 weeks trying to add content along with introducing some fun features that X-Com never had (like the ability to create your own custom missions and play them).

I suppose we're trying to true-up the agreement between the developer and customer. We've been led to believe that we've let down the community and we're trying to fix that. So in turn, we're torn on the notion of making our early adopters pay again by making AvH 2.0 a new app. One option is IAP for in game currency. Currency will be required for base development and manufacturing, so perhaps those impatient with being poor in the beginning may wish a head start. For the diehards, they'll push through and skip IAP.

So far, development is going ok. We still have a bunch of work to do but progress is steady. We are committed to finishing the content and perhaps by the time we get close, we'll make a final decision on how to bundle it up.

Once AvH 2.0 is out, we'll then be taking stock of what to do next. If AvH 2.0 sells well, that will fund future development. I will admit that sales haven't been great for AvH 1.0 and our effort isn't justified from a financial perspective. But we're not in it for the money exactly. We are a husband and wife team and the ability to be able to work together on something is rewarding in itself. If we could make a decent living out of it, that would be a dream come true.

If people want to chime in on this thread and add their 2 cents, feel free.



03-05-2012, 04:10 AM
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Show the link to your Facebook page to here so people who have purchased game can share it with their friends.

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03-05-2012, 06:37 AM
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Once AvH 2.0 is out, we'll then be taking stock of what to do next. If AvH 2.0 sells well, that will fund future development. I will admit that sales haven't been great for AvH 1.0 and our effort isn't justified from a financial perspective. But we're not in it for the money exactly. We are a husband and wife team and the ability to be able to work together on something is rewarding in itself. If we could make a decent living out of it, that would be a dream come true.
Hi Al,

First of all, thanks a lot for sharing. I am a programmer myself, but I never had the guts to go out and try to something like that for a living - or for fun. I thoroughly empathize with you, and I am happy to know that you're getting something more valuable out of it.

I am rooting for you, and I respect whatever decision you make. I have the game in my iPad, and I'll be keeping up with new developments when they come.

One small note on similar games to scratch the Xcom itch: before I ran into AvH, I had been playing Hunters: Episode One. If you haven't, you should check it out, even if for research sake. It's a solid game, and you might enjoy it.

Now back to AvH
03-05-2012, 05:09 PM
Hi sleb. Our Facebook fan page is found here:


Anyone that is enjoying AvH, please become a fan. For anyone who has AvH but isn't enjoying us, please contact us via our support page to provide feedback.


03-09-2012, 11:51 PM
Aliens versus Humans 1.1.2 is now in the AppStore.

We posted a YouTube update on AvH 2.0 development. Check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq5e6Vr5Drg

03-13-2012, 04:21 AM
This game is very good, maybe the AI and some graphics could be better, but it's a must have for every x-com lover out there.

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03-13-2012, 05:03 AM
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I have been watching this game from afar with mild interest, being a fan of the original old games. As soon as I saw the V.2.0 video, I immediately purchased, looks brilliant! Just wanted to enquire how it will be implemented? will it be the same sort of sandboxy type gameplay that we all know(and love) from the original xcom or will it have a more linear mission structure?
I wish you all the best with this app, you clearly have put a lot of effort into it and I cant wait to see the update.

Edit: One suggestion, any chance of supporting icloud savegame transfer? would be an awesome addition to have access on either device.

Edit2: Hmmm, on the subject of suggestions, I realise you guys are busy with V.2.0, but I wonder if the possibility of Asynchronous online play on the random maps would be possible? This would elevate this game in a serious way. I know that the iphone has a strong asynchronous game community, I myself have made a few friends from this website who I now count as "real" friends who chat online and play against each other pretty much every day. For reference check out Ascension and Carcassonne for examples of asynchronous games done brilliantly already.
I hope you dont mind me going on, but i think if it could be incorporated in a future update, this could be a real selling point.

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05-29-2012, 07:53 PM
Hi scarypharaoh. Sorry for the late reply. I don’t think we’ve looked up since March.
To answer your questions, AvH 2 will be very similar to the original X-Com. We dispensed with the “shoot down UFO” part from the original game. If you played the last mission from AvH 1.1.2, you’ll know what AvH 2 is all about. What you found at the end of AvH 1.1.2 is what you’ll need to find and neutralize in AvH 2.

You will start by choosing a location on Earth for your first base. From there, what you choose to do is up to you. You can build up to 8 bases to attain appropriate coverage in order to detect “events”. Once you detect an event, you’ll gear up a squad of your soldiers, put them on a ship and send the ship out.

We have added a few conveniences when equipping your soldiers where you can choose a default set of equipment per soldier. That expedites setting up for missions as you no longer have to tediously equip each soldier prior to a mission, unless, I guess, you enjoy the tedium.

You’ll find new alien technology when you’re on missions.

The research tree is fairly robust and deep. There is one particular branch of the research tree that will allow you to unlock a hugely superior piece of gear that arguably is far better than a soldier with a Blaster Launcher. It will change the way you play the game as it introduces a new set of tactics.

Completing research will allow you to manufacture better gear.

With regard to saving, so far we’ve just implemented “traditional” in game saving. Maybe if we had a show of hands? If we do get a lot of feedback on adding support for iCloud, we’ll add it.

Asynchronous game play doesn’t really fit AvH 2. In fact, it may be better as a separate game altogether and would extend from AvH 1.x where you already have the ability to create your own missions. In fact, asynchronous game play had been a feature we considered but then we were beaten about the head and shoulders with requests to add “bases, research and manufacturing”. We also took the brunt of a lot of 1-stars from around the world that stung. So, we’re committed to finishing AvH 2 and will listen to feedback as we receive it.

So currently we are just finishing up coding. We have hired an artist who is working their way through the sprites and is improving them. We have new aliens that are looking really good. Once the final mission design has been coded, we’ll be beta testing and adding polish. We are still several weeks away but hope it will all be worth the wait.

05-29-2012, 08:20 PM
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Looking forward to AVH2; thanks for the update!