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A Good Fast-Paced Action-RPG.

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06-29-2012, 09:34 AM
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A Good Fast-Paced Action-RPG.

Hi there friends. First of all, sorry for my english (im argentinian)... Now, im a huge fan of RPGs, im almost 30 years old, so ive played a lot since the origins of the genre (including master pieces like FF7-12, Diablo,Baldurs-Dragon Age, etc.) and i been loving games on the iphone like Chaos Rings, Eternal Legacy, CrimsonHearts,Zenonia,etc.(and ive tried a lot more) but now that ive played almost all of them (some ive finsh them others got bored :P) im looking for some FAST PACED one, most likely Crimsonhearts and Diablo3 (so you guys can get a hint of what im looking foward to) in terms of action-rpg. Ive played the recently Heroes Call, but its so slow paced that it bored me as soon as a played it, and its freemium (wtf) so, ill pass.. really. I dont like to play a monthly fee like in Order&Chaos or any other freemium games, i prefer a 1 payment only and then play (off or online, that does not matter).

Im anxious for Inf.Blade Dungeons, but i have iphone, and i think its coming for ipad if im not mistaken ...

Well, i hope that u guys understand my poor english LoL and can recommend me some good game, im open to suggestions.

thanx for your time guys! cya