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[Fighting Game] Kinetic Damage

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07-27-2012, 11:22 AM
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[Fighting Game] Kinetic Damage

Dear Toucharcade,

I'm Benjamin Marchand, the developer of the upcoming fighting game Kinetic Damage (iOS), and I'm very excited to announce the future release of this 4 years long indie project
(long story short : this is a one-man-only development, which is why it took so much time).

Here is the official trailer :

Release date : Wednesday, 5th June 2013.

Multiplayer coming very soon in a free update.

Worth mentionning, Game has been tested on a 3GS, running at 30 fps : Link.

Quick note about Controls, as they're often a subject of controversy for mobile fighting games : they are touch based, but I spent a lot of time to find the best possible and responsive UI without hiding the action. Result is that every tester, may he be initiated or not to mobile touch fighting games, reported it to be "clear and responsive".
Plus, there will be no quarter-forward like movements. It's either, tap, double tap or hold.

A glimpse at what kind of mindgames & strategy you'll have to deal with :

Levels Ambience :

Youtube link | Pop Up

Fights, AI versus AI video, 720p (video capped at 30fps, but runs @60 fps on iphone 4S) :

Character Creation :

Youtube link | Pop Up

How I tried to "humanize" the AI, with voice commentary :
(make sure to activate subtitles with "CC" button, for written details about how AI "thinks")

I'm maintaining a dev blog since 2009 about the project on Unity forums, which contains videos, pics, coding tips, etc ... so feel free to browse !

And if you like this project, don't hesitate to show some love on Kinetic Damage's Facebook page !

Thank you, now I'll get back to work
Best regards

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