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Nightmerica - Retro Survival Platformer (With Random Weapons) PC ALPHA AVAILABLE!

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07-28-2012, 12:14 AM
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Nightmerica - Retro Survival Platformer (With Random Weapons) - Out March 1st

Retro, Platform, Zombie/Other "Scary" Enemies, Arena, Suvival, Shooter for iOS/PC

Nightmerica is a game about fighting your fears, and the monsters that live inside your head. In your boundless imagination, pretty much everything is out to get you – and it’s only a matter of time until you’re overwhelmed. The game is a retro styled platformer, consisting of arena based combat against hoards of varied and slightly terrifying enemies.

Out on the App Store now!

Teaser Trailer

- Randomly generated guns (better guns generated based on how far you get)
- Crazy Zombies
- A buttload of various monsters
- Explosions
- Retro platformer aesthetic
- Crazy hard bosses
- Awesome special weapons
- A whole bunch of love

The game will be coming to BOTH iOS and PC, with iOS planned first.


Alpha version for Windows PC available from:

We are looking for feedback on basically every aspect of the game so far, what you liked, didn't like and how you might have done things differently. There's an in depth description of all the features / issues with this build on the page linked above but - please help us out!

Sample Pics:

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