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How do I backup my game progress?

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08-15-2012, 06:02 AM
Originally Posted by Sabaki View Post
It's rather interesting to note how many methods there are to backing up game data so not including this feature in iTunes is something Apple should revisit.

Maybe Apple are protecting their developers but certainly those who want to access game files for whatever reason have enough access to tools on the Internet?

I think it's also fair to state that the exercise of using programs to extract data in order to backup game saves also brings people closer to potentially pirate or misuse the application?

RodGreen, as a developer, you think that's a fair comment to make?
1) iCloud backup does save app data. It's not 100% effective (last time I replace my phone there were a couple of games that did not restore) but in general it works.

2) There are several file navigation tools available for non-jailbroken phones. Someone already mentioned iExplorer (which is free) but I much prefer PhoneView, which costs about $20. With these applications you can easily and safely copy an app's Documents folder and backup your progress; to restore it, just dump the contents of the Document folder back on the new Documents folder of your app once you reinstall it.

3) Apple has created several ways for developers to incorporate data backup into their apps, including iCloud saving and iTunes file transfer. I know some developers have run into problems with iCloud syncing, but that's no reason to skip other more reliable methods.