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Year Walk Riddle Decoders Club - Deciphering Simogo's Next Game

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08-22-2012, 09:12 AM
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Year Walk Riddle Decoders Club - Deciphering Simogo's Next Game

OFFICIAL UPCOMING THREAD: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=151138

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The game has been announced. It is called Year Walk. http://www.yearwalk.com

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Hey guys,

I am a huge fan of Beat Sneak Bandit and I know many of you are as well so I am excited about Simogo's new game dubbed "Game 4". So far it is a secret but they keep dropping little clues here and there. Jared already made a post about this previously:


They posted this image to their twitter feed:

And this on their blog:

With a title that is a number sequence that ads up to 8. The text over the picture also says "8".

The new image on lakewary.com is called "2of9.gif"

Also, http://www.lakewary.com has now changed. The title of the page says 8 and their twitter feed says "it changes everyday". It is definitely a countdown.

They were at GDC and showed off some stuff but I have not been able to find anything about it on the internet. They keep dropping hints on their twitter account @simogogames

Here's what has been shown so far:

The image from Jared's post which is a QR code:

As Jared states, the QR code goes here: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:...t_hest_01a.jpg

In the comments of the post they link to this book: http://translate.google.com/translat...g-i-sverige%2F

All of their recent efforts have been pointing people to their teaser site here: http://lakewary.com/

This just changed it today to host an animated gif on the front page:

I found a gif frame extractor:

Here is the castle with an image of that goat looking thing in the window:

Here is the goat guy in the window of a house:

Here is the goat guy in someone's eye:

After you click on it, you get 5 images:

When you roll over each image they say:
"this night belongs to them"
The top of the site says "No sleep No Food No Light" and the page is /watchers.htm

In the comments of one of their posts they put a few letters in bold as a clue:

"Yikes! Don’t ask how it happened but it seeMs that we’re giving a talk at GDC Europe.

Here’s our session!

In other news, work on GAME4 is going well. TouchArcade picked up a few of our mysteries. How You found them aLl?

ThINGs might be a little quiet around here for some weeks, hope that’s ok!"

The letters M-Y-L-I-N-G are in bold.

They post stuff on their blog hinting at the game:

Some more clues via twitter:

"Some of our inspirations for GAME4 include: FPS games, Yuri Norstein, Pop-up books, the iPhone safari browser, Zelda games and folk lore."

"We just added foot step sounds to GAME4 and OH MY it's like a little world in there, now!"

"In the birthplace of she who ended Cladius days, first imagery in rapid sequence." (Ed:Cladius was ended by his wife, Agrippina, who was from Cologne,Germany. GDC was in Cologne Germany.)

"Magic ink is a great thing, because you can write secret things with it."

In summary, it seems they are teasing a game about 5 creatures, a mysterious lake (in Sweden?) and a horse.

Anyone have anything else?

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