Year Walk Riddle Decoders Club - Deciphering Simogo's Next Game

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08-22-2012, 09:12 AM
Year Walk Riddle Decoders Club - Deciphering Simogo's Next Game


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The game has been announced. It is called Year Walk.

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Hey guys,

I am a huge fan of Beat Sneak Bandit and I know many of you are as well so I am excited about Simogo's new game dubbed "Game 4". So far it is a secret but they keep dropping little clues here and there. Jared already made a post about this previously:

They posted this image to their twitter feed:

And this on their blog:

With a title that is a number sequence that ads up to 8. The text over the picture also says "8".

The new image on is called "2of9.gif"

Also, has now changed. The title of the page says 8 and their twitter feed says "it changes everyday". It is definitely a countdown.

They were at GDC and showed off some stuff but I have not been able to find anything about it on the internet. They keep dropping hints on their twitter account @simogogames

Here's what has been shown so far:

The image from Jared's post which is a QR code:

As Jared states, the QR code goes here:

In the comments of the post they link to this book:

All of their recent efforts have been pointing people to their teaser site here:

This just changed it today to host an animated gif on the front page:

I found a gif frame extractor:

Here is the castle with an image of that goat looking thing in the window:

Here is the goat guy in the window of a house:

Here is the goat guy in someone's eye:

After you click on it, you get 5 images:

When you roll over each image they say:
"this night belongs to them"
The top of the site says "No sleep No Food No Light" and the page is /watchers.htm

In the comments of one of their posts they put a few letters in bold as a clue:

"Yikes! Don’t ask how it happened but it seeMs that we’re giving a talk at GDC Europe.

Here’s our session!

In other news, work on GAME4 is going well. TouchArcade picked up a few of our mysteries. How You found them aLl?

ThINGs might be a little quiet around here for some weeks, hope that’s ok!"

The letters M-Y-L-I-N-G are in bold.

They post stuff on their blog hinting at the game:

Some more clues via twitter:

"Some of our inspirations for GAME4 include: FPS games, Yuri Norstein, Pop-up books, the iPhone safari browser, Zelda games and folk lore."

"We just added foot step sounds to GAME4 and OH MY it's like a little world in there, now!"

"In the birthplace of she who ended Cladius days, first imagery in rapid sequence." (Ed:Cladius was ended by his wife, Agrippina, who was from Cologne,Germany. GDC was in Cologne Germany.)

"Magic ink is a great thing, because you can write secret things with it."

In summary, it seems they are teasing a game about 5 creatures, a mysterious lake (in Sweden?) and a horse.

Anyone have anything else?

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