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Bloody Epic - slashing and maiming this October

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09-27-2012, 04:13 AM
Bloody Epic - Done, approved, coming soon!

Hi everyone, this is this official thread for our new upcoming game BLOODY EPIC!

I'm with Tio Atum, a new indie developer based in Portugal. We used to be called Fakepup and made Super Bit Bash, if you ever heard of it :P

We are here to announce our new game, due in November. It will be a slasher with plenty of blood and bits

Bloody Epic is about slashing, cutting and maiming the enemies of the kingdom. It's a story of a convict turned hero, a sadist turned savior!


Here's a first concept.

We wanted to do something different from our previous games, something more gory and silly.

Super early screenshot.

It's all in black and white because I'm terrible with color, so for prototypes and early dev I like to forget about color and just focus on game play.

Here's a concept of the main character

What you can expect from Bloody Epic:
  • Gory deaths
  • Cool animations
  • Natural touch gameplay (no d-pads)
  • Epic Boss fights
  • Customization - armour, hats, swords, etc...
  • a cathartic zen like experience :P

I'll keep posting updates. We already started putting in color and new enemies and might have some animations to share soon. Stay tunned.

Also fell free to follow us @tioatum or Facebook

Oh, and if you have a friend with an Android device, check out our first game on Google Play as Tio Atum, Fruit Monkeys

Follow us at @tioatum for news and giveaways!
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