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Beastie Bay (Pokemon-like game By Kairosoft)

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09-30-2012, 04:08 PM
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Beastie Bay (Pokemon-like game By Kairosoft)

"The idea is that you have washed up on a desolate island, and you've got to fight the native beasts to survive. Then, in your spare time, you'll build the island up into a personal paradise and even head off to explore new lands.

This is where it goes full Pokemon, with your beastly pals (including a duck, a crab, and a dog) going toe to toe with other animals. You'll choose attacks, use items, put your guard up, or flee. And, like Pokemon, you can entice enemies to join your team - using bait, rather than Pokeballs."


"Interestingly enough, this one is available free of charge. There's an advertising banner at the bottom of the screen, though, and it costs $3.99 if you wish to remove it."

Now out on Android and should be out someday on IOS.

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