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Beastie Bay (Pokemon-like game By Kairosoft)

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10-01-2012, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by iANiMeX View Post
This is my favorite Kairosoft game on my S3. This has the combination of Simulation and Pokemon type game. There is even a cycle of night and day. Different monster appears during the day and night. Game is also FREE on the Android. Just wishing to see this game on the iOS with universal support.
I have this on Android and can say (though its free) this is a great game to play and there is no iap that I've saw outside of a small banner at the bottom of the game that you can remove through paying for it...it hasn't bothered me in the least bit.

On top of whats stated above, you can equip your monsters with weapons/armors that will add skills. You have full control over your monsters attacks, skills, and defending, there is animations to all of them. Also, like all other Kairosoft games, you have the same RPG simulation elements where you can build on your own island and expand it by exploring. So far I can safely say it's one of my favorite Kairosoft games next to Dungeon Village and Grand Prix Story. I hope it comes to iOS soon.

Here's also a brief synopsis on overall gameplay:

Beastie Bay, after all, is a game where you amass a small army of critters and use them in turn-based RPG battles.

The idea is that you have washed up on a desolate island, and you've got to fight the native beasts to survive. Then, in your spare time, you'll build the island up into a personal paradise and even head off to explore new lands.

So you'll spend much of your time in your small homestead, building homes for human survivors and bedding for animal allies, research labs for discovering new technologies, and even hotels and airstrips.

Source: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Andro...ws.asp?c=45358

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