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Which pricing strategy to go with...Paid, Free, or Both?

View Poll Results: Download price for 'Mellow' should be...
Paid 3 42.86%
Free 0 0%
Both (2 apps) 4 57.14%
Voters: 7. You may not vote on this poll
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10-05-2012, 10:49 AM
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Which pricing strategy to go with...Paid, Free, or Both?

Please help me confirm which pricing strategy to go with for my upcoming game 'Mellow' - Paid or Free? Also in the poll is Both (an after-thought which would involve further tuning).

The point of this poll is to see if my preferred option is realistic.

Attached, is a photo with desired pricing details for both options.
Attachment 47824
(please note that specific details of actual purchases are displayed in the Shop)

…Together with a 2nd attachment: a new screenshot (running on 3GS) - things are coming together though I still haven't sorted the main character!!
Attachment 47825
(aiming for a November release - a tight schedule - with content and feature updates after the holiday period)

There's something about the (first) photo which tells me to go with Paid. Not only is paid the first word written on the board, also you can see that my jeans are clearly in better condition on that side of the plan… The downside is that without a consumable it is not ideal for a twice-per-year free promotion. Then again, a free version can never be promoted with a price-drop weekend…But it would have the consumable(s) and would get x times as many downloads even a year later…until I think that a Paid to Free promotion will generate more downloads in a weekend than a year of FREE with no exposure!

It's tricky to tell if my current paid sales are from cross-promotion or some other discovery. My main concern of Free is the competition being fierce, I just don't have the visibility to compete for downloads. Plus luck has a better chance in Paid I think? Still I present this poll to get an up to date opinion from the masses.

I also welcome any comments on pricing ideas/changes. An example would be "Have a 2nd consumable (in free version) for $1.99 then the third can be for $6.99 instead". Or "Definitely don't do a consumable in a paid version - though a top 3 game does this wildly right now!". How about "i *used* to love this game,,.1!!!!!!!" ;D

…The whiteboard plan was designed to be fair to everyone. I hope to see a majority result and will happily go with it if given enough votes!

Thanks for your time

tl;dr your thoughts on any of the 2 attached images are welcome. do you think the pricing is fair? and do you like the look of the game so far?

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