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Bloody Epic - slashing and maiming this October

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10-10-2012, 10:06 AM
Added expressions to characters

Another update on our toucharcade Dev Log!

We've just finished adding expressions to the baddies. Now the frown when they are hit and have a dead face as well.

The commander has an extra facial expression for his cowardly run.

Right now I'm working on UI stuff. Before I began I kinda wanted to get a sense of the true color pallete of the first stages so I exprerimented a bit the the tones of the scene.

Getting the right colors can be dificult, especially because there's no such a thing as the right colors, only ones you like more than others...

I wonder if the above pic will destroy the Forum's layout :P

Well, this is it for today. Really wanted to show you some moving pictures. Gotta render out some trully bloody scenes.


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