Indie developer looks for marketing / monetization help

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10-27-2012, 03:51 AM
Indie developer looks for marketing / monetization help


I am looking for help regarding way of marketing and monetization (via simple IAP) our apps which can be checked here:

Repetko wild west dice smasher
Bladumkee - tiny pirates puzzle cube
TooTravel - word vs flag quiz
DemotoProject - office demot maker

Its rather about helping us with choosing proper marketing way in general or / and point things obvious things that we completely failed at, and not to create specific and detailed marketing business plan. I am thinking about mix of free social and paid marketing so we have some $ budget for it including fee for such service.

So far we are completely far from what is called industry standards but did not spent on anything other then on app production. We are going to release more polished titles in this year and do not want to make same stupid mistakes like with those already published apps.

With regards,

More info about Bladko