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Best Movie Player?

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10-29-2012, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by graffekta View Post
Sorry to ressurect an old thread, but just wondering what people considered to be the best media player these days?

I was using AcePlayer but it's not been updated for the iPhone 5 screen and it could never handle 720p MKV files very well...

Patent troll Dolby has pwned all 3rd party movie and video players in the Appstore by demanding large sums of cash to use their patented AC3 decoder.

This essentially makes all video players in the appstore useless..well...at least I still have my old backups of the app files and XBMC to fall back upon(poor Hi10p support though..dammit!). Not sure how new iOS users will cope.

AV Player was the 1st victim( got pulled from the Appstore). Power player, OPlayer,Buzz player, Gplayer(my player of choice) etc followed... I guess the only player left with AC3 support now is rush player. It is better than anything else in the Appstore now (and before) so long if you don't need hi10p (10 bit) video decoding.

Aceplayer has always belonged at the bottom of the barrel. Azul player is a movie player with a lot of flash but no bang...the developers have been adding lots of funtionalities but they have yet to improve video playback even once after 1-2 years x_X

If you are jailbroken you can try out XBMC(Free) and rushplayer+(Not free) on cydia . Video playback is pretty damn smooth even for non iOS native video formats thanks to real hardware decoding

Edit: Ah yes...iphone 5-->iOS6.0 --> not jailbroken. My bad. Just get rush player for 720p non 10 bit mkv files..get it quickly too before Dolby comes knocking at their doors.

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