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Nightmerica - Retro Survival Platformer (With Random Weapons) PC ALPHA AVAILABLE!

07-29-2012, 02:19 AM
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You can add melee weapons like swords or plasma swords
07-29-2012, 07:35 AM
Wow this looks amazing Looking forward to more info! When's it coming out?

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07-29-2012, 11:07 PM
We're going to try and add Co-Op multiplayer, but online Co-Op is typically pretty challenging...!

Definitely keen to add iCade support, I'll have to work out how it actually works from a programming point of view but I'll be sure to try!

And we'll definitely be adding more special weapons that are unique!

Thanks for all the support guys, it means a lot. I'll keep you all updated with development progress
07-31-2012, 01:29 AM
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Looks instabuy to me. Looking forward to its release!

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08-14-2012, 04:20 AM
Brand new gameplay video, development is going well. FRACTURES music has come on board to provide the soundtrack and sound effect, check out http://fracturesmusic.com.

Follow us on twitter @VolticGames for frequent updates. And remeber, alpha available here: http://voltic.site90.com
08-14-2012, 04:54 AM
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This looks great, what are the touch controls like though ? I dont see a d-pad on the left hand side ?

Any idea when this might be out ?
08-14-2012, 07:32 AM
Originally Posted by psj3809 View Post
This looks great, what are the touch controls like though ? I dont see a d-pad on the left hand side ?

Any idea when this might be out ?
I think that's a video from the computer version with the arrow keys used.

Really looking forward to it!
10-07-2012, 11:07 PM
Sadly it's been a while since my last update, and there's not even that much to show since we've been doing a lot of bug fixes lately. The game is basically feature complete now, the bosses need some tweaking then we need to design the other maps.

After that, we're probably all set for the iOS release milestone!

So; since I can't screenshot much of what we've done lately here is a new youtube video:

11-04-2012, 02:07 AM
So, we've come a long way recently! Now we've got the game working on both the new iPhone 5 resolution and the old one seamlessly which was basically horrible.

Some of the latest screenshots:

Here's a video of the latest progress, there are plenty of others on our channel.

12-18-2012, 04:58 PM
Any news on this gem ?

One of my most awaiting games this year.
Style, sounds and gameplay are incredible !
Instabuy on release.