01-25-2013, 10:44 PM
Hey guys, my GC name is ironcub14 and I love to play Ascension. I also play a bit of PA, TTR and am just picking up Neuroshima Hex, but I mainly enjoy playing Ascension. I've checked the forum time to time but this is my first time posting. Please feel free to send game invites!

I wanted to add one thing. I play with folks at Quarter to Three forums as well, and I missed out on these inter-forum tourneys they had vs Gamers with Jobs and Pocket Tactics. I mentioned that TA has love for Ascension as well and it wa suggested why don't we propose an inter-forum tourney between TA and Qt3?

It could be like a 10 vs 10 thing or whatever. If there is interest, we could come up with 10 people from each forums and decide on some tourney later on. I would be happy to participate in the TA side if you guys are cool with it. Here, we could draw names or do a mini tourney or league to pick 10 players. Would love to hear back this week. Take care all, hey whats up Emos.
01-25-2013, 11:06 PM
I'd be up for that

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01-25-2013, 11:17 PM
hey MLKeener, how are you as well! PT and TA have cross ties, I see haha.
01-26-2013, 01:24 AM
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I'm in!
01-26-2013, 10:04 AM
Hey all,

I am new here also, I love Ascension, and I would be happy to join this forum vs forum tournament.
01-26-2013, 03:39 PM
Ill throw my hat in the ring too.

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01-26-2013, 05:12 PM
Sure I'd be up for the tourney as well.

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01-27-2013, 02:27 AM
I'm in. Can't get enough of this game!

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01-27-2013, 04:35 AM
Count me in too ascension is just too addictive
01-27-2013, 10:02 AM
Hey guys, that's great, we are already up to 8.

We aren't in a hurry or anything so I think we can let the post stay open for people to see for at least a week or two.

From the TA side, depending on how many people show interest, we can just have everybody who is willing to play participate in the interforum tourney. If we have too many ppl, we can always do a mini tourney here first.

I said 10v10 to take an example, but I'm sure we can have more.