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Windows RT Metro Apps Too bland?

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11-07-2012, 03:11 AM
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Windows RT Metro Apps Too bland?

Hi guys, thought I’d just want to weigh in on Windows RT, which can be considered to be a direct competitor to the iPad.

The thing is, the system is beautiful and unlike Android and like iOS, it is silky smooth. I have upgraded my laptop to Win8 so I can speak on this personally.
However, once I got into the Windows Store to download the Metro apps (these will be the only apps available on Windows RT devices), I realized how weak the apps were.

The problem seems to be the metro interface design language that MSFT has imposed on developers. Fair enough if only system apps like Skydrive, IE 10, Skype and Xbox Live used it...but every app needs to rather strictly follow the design language.

The problems in brief are:

1) Lots of wasted space
2) Too little information displayed on a single screen
3) Repetitive design (don’t blame devs – MSFT makes them do this)
4) Lack of room for creativity within the given confines

I think Android and iOS are better in this respect. No strict design guidelines. I mean, look at the Box version on Windows 8...totally poor compared to AN and iOS.

Does anyone else feel the same ‘blandness’ as me in Metro Apps? Were MSFT wrong to impose such a strict design guideline on developers?