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The best game on the App Store just got even better! Due to popular demand, we've added the new 'Antology' campaign. Eight new nail-biting levels and an Endless Mayhem mode!



- Anthill was selected as iPad Game of the Week in October, 2011!
- Anthill made the Quality Index Top 10 list in October, 2011!


"A must-have." -, 4/4

"Strategy done right." -, 4.5/5

"the execution is amazingly fluid and perfectly suited to iOS." iFanzine, 4.5/5

"its hard to not call it one of the best, if not the best line drawing TD title available for the iOS.", 10/10

"a total blast!", 9/10

Featured on! Thanks guys!



Join the ranks of Anthill, a tactical trail defense game based on the real-world behavior of ants. The award-winning user interface enables you to draw pheromone trails to direct your troops, moving streams of ants rather than individuals.

Engage in the mission to protect your hill as wave upon wave of enemy bugs are thrown at you. Don't wait, join the colony today!

Take down a bug with your soldiers, then direct your workers to bring back the carcass for dinner - yum!

Simply tap the screen to send out bomber ants to take out those pesky ladybugs. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Buy permanent upgrades for your troops! Turn your bombers into carpet bombers, inspire courage in your workers, and make your soldiers more brutal. Boo-ya!

Buy once, use for both your iPad and iPhone! We don't charge double for the same game.



"It the kind of game that grabs you and doesn't let go untill you can't stay awake anymore and the ipod touch slips out of your sweaty hands and falls on the floor."

"This is a really great TD game that feels so different from the rest. It oozes with charm and personality while having a top notch gameplay! It's frantic, fast paced but most of all fun! That's all, go for it guys you won't regret it :)"

"It truly is a unique and fun change to the genre (...), and well worth the money."
paul hendricks


With close to 40 exciting missions, beautiful surroundings, dozens of different enemies and many days of gameplay, you will love your queen and colony!

Compatible with iPhone 3GS and newer, 3rd generation iPod touch devices and all iPad models.



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Thanks for the kind words guys, and the feedback

We are currently discussing a new Anthill Infinity game with multiple infinity levels, new enemies, ant upgrades and "superpowers". All this depends on how well the current Anthill game sells.

So far the US sales stats have been dissapointing. We would love to continue developing Anthill but as always, money talks.

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02-14-2012, 01:33 PM
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Game Impressions

I must say that Anthill is a very, very nice game. Polished, charming and clever, occasionally challenging and always rewarding.

I also think Anthill might represent one possible evolution for the RTS genre on iOS. Add another 10 units, a few buildings (one defensive structure, the others to unlock and upgrade units, for instance), possibly (though not necessarily) another source of resources (but not many, to steer clear of the resource inflation of the RTS genre in the early 2000s), some few additional tactical choices, and either a robust single player experience, or competitive online game, and we'd be playing a very competent and entertaining RTS, one that retains the tactical and strategic layers of the genre, but offers a novel and much improved control scheme that actually contributes to the experience instead of .

Old RTS veterans would probably find the lack of direct control frustrating at first (though this could partially be alleviated with airborne attack units like Anthill's bombers, and some few hero units that could be directed with traditional RTS mechanics), but once used to this new way of thinking and directing troops, many would probably find that drawing pheromone trails instead allows them to focus all the more on overarching strategy and large-scale tactics.

Do note that I am NOT saying that this game is what Anthill should have been I'm just using Anthill as an analogy and example of mechanics and control schemes that would allow devs to produce RTS experiences for iOS without the traditional control hurdles, and where the touch interface actually contributes to the gameplay and entertainment.

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10-26-2012, 07:41 AM

its free
11-08-2012, 08:43 AM
I've been trying to purchase the new campaign but it keeps saying that it's unavailable... =o/

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Originally Posted by syntheticvoid View Post
I've been trying to purchase the new campaign but it keeps saying that it's unavailable... =o/
Me too
11-08-2012, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by HLW View Post
Me too
Hmmm... Glad its not just me, and hope its fixed soon. I can't wait to get into the new content. =oD

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I've just looked at their Facebook page, and they know about the problem, and are working on it.
The new upgrades can be used on the current levels, finally something to do with all my extra stars.
Also there's a nice Anthill wallpaper (with different versions for iPad iPhone etc) on their website too.
11-14-2012, 02:17 PM
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The new campaign works now, it's great.

Ignore all the people saying on the Anthill facebook page that you need to repurchase the campaign on each device you have installed the game on - of course you don't, it works like any other non-consumable IAP. Just click restore purchases under Options.

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