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Old 11-09-2012, 09:48 AM
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VirtualBoyFreak pretty much laid it out but I will chime in just so that it is counted again...

1. The game really needs to auto-rotate. I play in the "normal" position (I guess with the Home button to the right) but I don't do so out of habit, it is just how my iPad lays in my wallet. When it is out and unsheathed I play whichever way I happen to pick it up, and I can understand some request for rotation due to being left handed, though personally being ambidextrous the Home buttons position never affected so much as having to rotate my iPad around when a game doesn't auto-rotate.

2. Button layout. Developers who make apps universal seem to overlook this glaring problem that is button layout. While the layout is ideal for a smaller screen, the current layout is a bit uncomfortable for an iPad owner. I am by no means a small man, nor do I have small hands. But when my thumbs are extending full stretched toward the center to move far left or right respectively in a dual stick game, well, it does not make for a comfortable gaming experience. Allow the user to customize their button and stick placement layout please, if possible. At the current position, I can not play this for any length of time without my hands starting to ache.

3. Mission diversity: we need something to break up the capture the flag feel of the gameplay. Because that is essentially what this is. As such, break it up with missions. This could be done very simply. Drop a Surviver to the extraction point, be told you need to go to an area and defend supplies for survivors for a minute or two, with a designated boxed out area you have to stay in. Throw in a mission type where you have to collect (perhaps 5 in one go) gas cans before delivering them all to a point! Sure it is essentially the same mode, but it is a mode with a variant to the rules. As it stands the game needs some variety or else it will get old very quickly.

4. The cars make this easy mode: well not really, and at the risk of shooting my progression in this game in the foot, the cars feel a little too strong. Hollywood has diluted our sense of reality, the average car wouldn't survive very long in a real zombie apacolypse, purely because a car can be rendered inoperable quite easy, especially if you plan on using it to run people over with it. Radiators crack easily, tire wells are compromised quickly and tires can be popped with just hitting the curb the wrong way. Cars should take damage when hitting zombies, simple fix. That will inject the "Oh Sh!t" factor needed.

5. Difficulty levels: simple if possible without breaking your memory limitations, just add more zombies coming at you. At current should be easy or normal, and on hard I should feel like the undead are abundant and unrelenting!

6. A clearer identity for the zombies: sure you have spitters and bloated zombies, but to be honest, they all feel relatively the same. The bloaters are a bit fatter and tougher, and the spitters spit, but they all move at the same rate and behave fairly the same. You need some cadence to the flow, fast zombies, slower tough zombies, exploding zombies, etc. sure it sounds derivative, but hey, the entirety of the zombie genre is, so no sense in not aping what ain't broke! Make the zombie types more clear and present so that I don't feel like I am shooting at a wall of flesh with no concern whether it is a fatty, spitter and such. Make them behave differently so that I have to adapt my tactics when I encounter then, and when I encounter them in various combinations!

7. Gamecenter: sure it is seen as frivolous by some but it is the new trend and it adds metagame to your game by adding goals for folks to try and accomplish, adding to the longevity of a game. Leaderboards to compare kill rates, survival times and such would be nice, and throwing out challenges from gamecenter over leaderboard scores seems fitting for the survival mode of this game!

The game has potential and I don't regret buying it, but it does feel like some opportunities were missed here... Perhaps they can be addressed with updates. As such, I believe some of these would elevate this to a game I would make a point to play regularly more than just a game I would play as a passing distraction...

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