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Pitching an idea to a developer/publisher...?

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11-10-2012, 07:36 AM
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Pitching an idea to a developer/publisher...?

So here's where I am. I started writing a design document for a game several months ago based on what I feel is a very original idea (but we all think our ideas are like that...). I now have completed said design document including a stunning logo and character concept art. Here's the but... BUT I don't know how to write code or have the money to employ a developer. I did originally have a few grand that I was going to pay a developer with but decided the final result wouldn't be what I wanted due to lack of polish the person rushing it because its not their game.

I now want to sell all the work I've done to either a random person or work with or sell it to a dev/pub company, the latter being preferable. So my questions are: Would a dev/pub company pick up something to developer themselves? I've only ever heard of them picking up games that are basically done...

I realise that they probably won't be interested in my idea but 💩💩💩💩 it, I want to try anyway. So how would I go about this? Get a list of companies and email them? What about intellectual property issues? Do I need a non disclosure agreement? Is it more likely I would get noticed if I put my work up on say this website? I feel like they would get a lot of emails and I don't want to get covered.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.