App description: At the turn of the XVI century in Japan both the Emperor and the shogun lost the control under the country. It was the very time for pushful and ambitious daimios to subdue islands. It was the very time for strong warriors to demonstrate their boldness and great warlords to show their art. It was the time when cunning secret agents decided a battle of the clans.

In the tactical card game Shinobi players will take on the role of secret agents of the most powerful clans of feudal Japan. The aim of the game is supporting your clan with military advantage the clan which will have the most troops by the end of the game is considered to be the winner.
Whats feudal Japan without ninjas! Without them no game about Japan can be full. The ninjas function is obvious to shorten the number of warriors from the enemy clans.

From 3 to 5 players can take part in the game. The tactics of the game changes depending on the number of players. You will need careful calculation to win in 5 player game. Fans of bluff and psychological game will like the game with 3 participants.

The game seems simple at first sight, but believe or not, keeping your clan in secret, guessing which clans your rivals play for and making them to play into your hands is not simple at all.
You can play "Shinobi" with your friends in "hot seat" mode. Network game will be added soon.
11-11-2012, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by Roleki View Post
Thanks, Sizzla, we owe you one!

From the screenshots, the card art looks pretty cool. Can you confirm that, and were there any IAPs?
You said the AI was good, but do you believe it was playing fair?

Would like more gameplay impressions before committing to this, but definitely more interested now.
You can find a recent review of the physical game on the dice tower's youtube channel by Ryan Metzler.

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11-11-2012, 05:17 PM
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Just bought the game. First impressions from a quick once through:
The universal version sports terrible resolution. Tutorial leaves MUCH to be desired. Going to read through the rules instead or check out some vids on the Internet to learn how to play.
11-12-2012, 07:59 AM
Originally Posted by thevagrant View Post
You can find a recent review of the physical game on the dice tower's youtube channel by Ryan Metzler.
Thanks for the heads up, saw the review and got the game!
12-24-2012, 07:22 PM
The Dice Tower video made the card game look fun and I would rather it have been presented clearly that way rather than the map and counters thing in Shinobi War of the Clans.

I think the presentation will be clearer that way. But why is this game taking up so much space?

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