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Which ad platform to start out with?

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11-13-2012, 08:55 AM
Which ad platform to start out with?

Hi, Yesterday I submitted our first game to the App Store.

The free version uses full-screen interstitial ads which are displayed before a user can progress onto the next round (or otherwise leave the round screen).

During testing I've used MobClix with test mode enabled and all seemed to be ok. That is, until I actually enabled the ads. Now it seems that it's playing havoc with the free version of the game, causing viewDidLoad of the following screen to be called twice and causing random crashing which I am finding very difficult to track down. Its definitely the ads because none of this happens in the premium version and it appears to have stopped since I temporarily disabled ads in the free.

In addition I've recently come across some worrying reports of MobClix customers not getting paid.

Our ideal ad solution would be something like ChartBoost but it seems that is out of reach for now until we get established in the App Store.

We're assuming the ad revenue to be negligible - more as a reason to upgrade (but not the only reason) - but I certainly don't want it to be ruining the user experience with all these crashes and I don't to cause unnecessary headaches for myself with having to deal with a bad ad company.

Can anyone recommend a simple but well respected provider that offers high quality interstitial ads?

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