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Are you more looking for games than playing games?

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Yes. (sigh) 26 78.79%
No. I prefer playing instead of looking all day for new stuff. Really. 2 6.06%
Yes... hmm.. but why? 5 15.15%
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11-15-2012, 06:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Connector View Post
Hoarders unite! Tell Apple we need more space! I am getting sick of deleting apps everyday! I'm really gonna break down and cry if all those games I have in my delete que get pulled for some reason. Seems everyday, another game gets pulled. Just today, tried to upload absolute instant, and it is gone. And going through 5000 entries in your purchased log is agonizing!!! The sheer terror with no search ability, and sometimes it is permanantly pulled!

Yes, I know I am an addict, with problems. But at least this kind of addiction is really easy to hide, no one knows I suffer from it, they probably would just think that I am a computer geek as I sit here and type away. They can't even tell by looking at my screen that I have a problem like a porn addict would have. Nothing I do gives away my addiction. Which makes it oh so much worse...

But yes, the first step is admitting to the problem, and for that, I admit, I am an app addict.

Ok, off to the appstore, see ya all!
Ha ha i'm totally the same, horde games ! I was quite good recently and deleted apps which were about 3 gb but even then i was gnawing my teeth thinking 'aarrrgh dont want to delete that one' (Even though i havent played it in months !)

I need to streamline my apps as i download lots of podcasts as well, might have another dreaded cull later !

A 128 gb device is surely coming in the next range of hardware ? Games are getting bigger and bigger, have to surely