Why do app upgrades require you to download the entire app?

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11-15-2012, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by ParkProductionsGames View Post
Not sure if Apple supported patches from the start, but for us indie devs it is a lot faster and cleaner to create a brand new version of a game rather than trying to patch pieces of code.

We have recently updated our retro platformer GameGuy to add Game Center and other fixes(code only) but when sending to Apple there does not seem to be the ability to do patches. This might only be for the likes of EA etc.
Dont get me wrong i dont mind reinstalling 99% of apps. Its just the biggies which are a pain. As i said Bards Tale was a nightmare as the app size was huge, they kept updating that but as i only had say 800 mb left i had to keep freeing up space for the update.

Any 'tiddlers' are fine if its the whole file, just the big 1GB + games are a nightmare. To be fair i should delete more stuff on my gadget though !