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How to promote iphone app - my lessons learned

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11-18-2012, 10:29 AM
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How to promote iphone app - my lessons learned

I've developed two apps in the past and last week I just launched the latest one called "Math Trick" and here is the link:


In the past, when I launched "iMathGenius", in the first couple of days, the download was decent, but over the time, it dropped dramatically. When it reached a level that was almost no activity, I set it to free for two weeks, the download was huge during the two weeks. But the price you paid here was that later when any new upgrades for iMathGenius, it was always free for all of free downloads. Therefore, be careful for setting your app free.

Nowadays, I tried to send my app to various app review sites. No one seems to be willing to review your app for free, even though their website says so. Most likely, they will just say due to overwhelming requests, it will take a long time for them to review your app for free. It is just another polite way to say that they will not review your app.

I did pay to a reputable website to do an ad campaign and the result was not that great, at least not to my expectation. Friends of mine explained to me that no one is interested in math in this country. Who wants to do more mental exercise. I was just not convinced. That's why I wrote this Math Trick to teach anyone who wants to improve his/her math skill. My kids love them and their math skill are top of their class.