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iPad: AniTower, Yet another TD Game

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11-19-2012, 10:12 AM
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AniTower, Yet another TD Game


I want to share progress on my first born game, AniTower . Generally idea is simple, I want to create fast paced strategy game that i would enjoy myself.

First version of the game will be in the form of RPG TD game, but further in time I'm planing to create full strategy game with resource management and easy on eye graphics. I'm not planing to create full fledged economy/war simulation but some sort of simplification over this idea. Idealy i would like to end up with fast paced strategy game with focus both on economy and fighting parts.

  • Age of empires
  • Rise of Nations
  • Warhammer
  • Settlers

I really enjoyed playing games listed above and probably indirectly I will expand on some ideas and mix it with my own ones.

A little information about me and update pace.
So i'm lonely dev on this project and i want to try myself creating both code and graphics. It'll be probably last time I'm doing that
Idealy i would like to post updates at the end of each week. Currently core of the game is finished and now i need to focus on creating content and fine tuning gameplay.

Way to track progress:

Below some screenshots and props mashups (click for full versions):

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