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True Skate - Moves list

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11-21-2012, 12:43 AM
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True Skate - Moves list

This thread is for listing the moves available in True Skate - and how to do them. Please list the move name at the top, then describe how to do it. I've added some to get the list started...

If you want to discuss. complement or comment on the game, please post here instead:

This thread is for describing the moves ONLY. The moves include:

Slides / Grinds:
50 50 grind, 5 0 grind, boardslide, rail slide, tail slide, nose slide, darkslide, dark 50 50, suski grind, smith grind, feeble grind, salad grind, nose grind, crooked grind, lazy grind, overcrook, losi grind, bluntslide and noseblunt.

Flip Trips / Spins:
kickflip, double kickflip, triple kickflip, quad kickflip, heelflip, double heelflip, triple heelflip, quad heelflip, pop shove-it, fs pop shove-it, 360 pop shove-it, fs 360 pop shove-it, backside 180, frontside 180, backside 360, frontside 360, ollie, nollie, impossible, hard flip, double hard flip, triple hard flip, 360 hard flip, 360 double hard flip, 360 triple hard flip, inward heelflip, inward double heel, inward triple heel, 360 inward heelflip, 360 inward double heel, 360 inward triple heel, varial kickflip, nightmare flip, varial triple kickflip, 360 flip, 360 double flip, 360 triple flip, varial heelflip, varial double heelflip, varial triple heelflip, laser flip, double laser flip and triple laser flip.

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