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THE BLOCKHEADS - Crafting, digging exploration sandbox game

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11-22-2012, 05:10 PM
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THE BLOCKHEADS - Approved! Coming 10th Jan

Hi everyone!

I'm Dave, the guy who made Chopper and Chopper 2, and for the past year I've been working on the game I always wanted to make: The Blockheads.

It's launching this Thursday, the 10th of January.

So what is it? In a few words it is an exploration, crafting and building sandbox game. Don't be fooled by the screenshots, though The Blockheads has definitely drawn some inspiration from it, this is not simply a 2D Minecraft clone.

This is quite a unique and different game, and even after seeing the screenshots and reading the description you might still have no idea what it is about. So I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Watch this space for more details, screenshots and videos leading up to the launch.


The Blockheads

Night is falling and your blockhead is freezing. You haven't yet made shelter and your campfire has gone out. All you have is a spade, some wood and a few sticks. You have only minutes before exhaustion hits. Do you create a bed, dig a cave or refuel your fire? What will you do?

Control your blockheads in a vast randomly generated world with oceans, mountains, forests, deserts and deep underground caves. Keep an eye on their needs - give them sleep, feed them, create clothing and shelter - and they'll be happier, quicker and more productive. Craft tools with the resources they find, and they'll be able to work even faster and find more resources. Upgrade workbenches and unlock more advanced items to craft. Discover precious stones and metals deep underground, or rare plants and animals on the surface. Craft a boat and sail across the oceans. Make fur clothing and venture to the North Pole. Pick coconuts at a tropical beach. Cook meat at a campfire. Build a marble palace. Paint the walls. Plant an orchard. Ride a donkey!

Explore, mine, craft and build in this giant and detailed sandbox game for iOS. Navigate huge simulated worlds thousands of blocks wide with a full temperature and climate system, seasons, an equator, and frozen poles. Explore complex cave systems and flowing water, and survive deserts and snowy mountain tops.

Play alone, or with a friend, with online two player multiplayer and voice chat over Game Center.

Launching on Thursday!

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