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Console quality experience

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11-22-2012, 09:42 PM
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Console quality experience

I'm looking for games that truly provide an experience good enough to rival my 360. So far my list consist of: Dead Space, Sky Gamblers, NFS MW and of course Bastion(amazing gameplay). While I did enjoy GL's MC3, however the controls left me... not so happy. Real Racing 2 while looking good, was just a frustrating slippery mess(in my opinion) and hopefully firemint will nail proper physics and vehicle behavior for RR3. However I will say after playing NFS MW, firemint is facing a serious challenge. By the way for the know-it-alls, I'm aware that iron monkeys n firemint are now one team. However both games were already in individual development long before the merger happened.

I suppose I should add The Walking Dead to that list. MW and Bastion r eating up all my time right now. What would you add?