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Games like Redshift's "The Quest?"

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11-25-2012, 02:36 AM
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Thanks for all the help folks! I'll definitely look into those!
I have Wolfenstein, and I would consider it more like an early FPS as opposed to a dungeon crawler. Still a great game though. The main thing I like better about The Quest over Wolfenstein is the turn-based action.
Tumulus of Fen looks promising.
I wasn't really impressed by Silversword, but it might grow on me if I play it a bit more.
I actually own The Bard's Tale and love the new 3d top-down version, but the original games are hard to control on an iPod's small screen.
Is DOOM II turn based, or rail shooter, or more like Wolfenstein? I'll probably end up buying it anyway, but I want to know what to expect
I looked up Eternal Throne and it had some bad reviews... Makes me a little leery of it, but I might try it if it goes on sale.
Akalabeth is a little TOO old school for my taste :P
Alternative Reality and Dragon Bane are not on the app store

Thanks again for all the help you guys! Any other suggestions, I never have enough video games