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Since you got an iOS device which games have sucked away your life?

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11-25-2012, 08:33 AM
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Since you got an iOS device which games have sucked away your life?

There have been a few games which I spent way too long playing, much to the annoyance of my other half.

Most recently, Asphalt 7 has been played to death on my iPad. There's just something addictive about trying to get the higher end cars and the shiny graphics. Also it is unbelievably fast at times and runs so smoothly on the iPad. Just before I decided to give that a go, I was hooked on VS Racing 2 for a good couple of weeks. This is a great top down little racer, which plays differently on the iPad (you see more of the track) and phone.

Prior to that, it was probably Pinball Arcade, again on the iPad and this was mainly time spent trying not to lose the ball immediately. The tables are pretty close to the real thing and it's plays really smoothly.

On my iPhone, I got hooked on Tiny Tower for a while, which basically turned into grinding for the hell of it with minimal enjoyment but that was after several days of enjoyment as my tower grew. Infinity blade also sucked a lot of time away as I tried to get all the weapons etc.
Canabalt is a game a mate recommended and I got pretty good at it. It's basically a endless side scroller where you jump across platforms.

When I first got my first iPod, Angry Birds was on the go until I got 3 stars on every level, got a new iPod and would have had to start from scratch. Also Doodle Jump was played quite a bit but i'm still rubbish at it.

Vectrex Regeneration is coming up soon and combined with my iCade, which has not been used too often (even though I managed to pick up iMame), it should prove a deadly combo.

Well, that's all the time suckers that I can remember off the top of my dome. How about you?