App description: How about a good old fashioned snowball fight! Risoo needs your help! A gang of rogue rodents wants to take his turf! With the seasons nut shortage in full effect, there's only one way to settle the score SNOWBALL FIGHT!

It's a Snow Brawl Free-For-All!
Help Risoo protect his corner of the forest, and get rid of those greedy squirrels once and for all! Chuck as many snowballs as possible at the squirrelly intruders, but watch out! They're throwing snowballs right back.

The game play is a fast and furious flurry of fur! Tilt your iPhone or iPad to help Risoo dodge the incoming snowballs. Tap the enemy squirrels to bombard them with a barrage of snowballs. The longer you survive, the faster and harder the game becomes. And with an endless supply of snowballs, you'll be snow brawlin' all season long!

Snow Brawlin is brought to you by Ghost Hand Games, a small team of artists and coders who are committed to creating games with hand-crafted quality. Let us know what you think!

Squeaker's comments:
Another snowball fighting game, but this looks soooooo CUTE!!

11-26-2012, 02:55 PM
Major Update to Snow Brawlin'

Hello friends at Touch Arcade!

Just wanted to drop by to say hello, and let everyone know that we just released a major update to Snow Brawlin'!

We felt bad that our favorite furry squirrel Risoo was getting pelted by snowballs, and decided that it was time we gave him some cool new abilities to help him knockout his nasty foes.

The update just went through over the holiday weekend, and can be downloaded here:

Upgrade with In-App Purchasing and get:

Store Unlimited Arctic Blasts
Double The Power-Ups
Extra Life Drops
Ad Removal

One last thing -- now that Risoo has all these new special abilities, we realized that we needed to beef up the leader board, and get some achievements into the game too.

We're exited to share this update with you. It feels good to be working on games once again. Let us know what you think!

Ghost Hand Games

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